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  • E.O.N.S. Endymion Oracles: Nina’s Story

    E.O.N.S. Endymion Oracles: Nina’s Story

    Who is the mesmerizing spirit who guides her? Can he be trusted? Nina’s Story awakens your passion and starts your senses tingling. Before you know it, the story has woven itself into your life and Nina’s magical spirit guide becomes your own.

  • Johnny Depp California Adventure

    Johnny Depp California Adventure

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  • MichaeLuna –  a Story by Heaven Leigh

    MichaeLuna – a Story by Heaven Leigh

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J. Moonsong

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Endymion Oracles – Nina’s Story I absolutely loved this book, September 1, 2014
Endymion Oracles – Nina’s Story- I absolutely loved this book. :)))))) Heaven Leigh did such an amazing job bringing Nina to life. Not only is her work amazing, but she’s an amazingly beautiful soul as well, a pure delight to talk to. Her beautiful energy just encompasses all that she comes in contact with.
Nina’s story is the first in a planned trilogy from Heaven, and after reading the first book, I cannot wait till she publishes the next part of Nina’s journey. The book draws you in very quickly with it’s mystical descriptions of the village Nina lives in, and you will instantly fall in love with Nina the 17 year old Priestess and heroine of this majestic tale. She lives in a time where they all worship the Goddess and Nina is a gifted Seer who works very closely with the Goddess and with a mysterious lover who comes to her to help guide her…


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5.0 out of 5 starsEndymion Oracles: Nina’s Story

[excerpt]  “Heaven Leigh’s more romantic minded readers will dwell in the seductive story that ties it all together; it is, namely a story about true love that is disturbed temporarily by unwelcome desires and delayed by dark forces, spells and jealousy. Yet, since this special love takes place through time and space – it kind of prevails. It is terribly heart aching and yet very sweet. “

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Poli B.

5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars Earth Angels, April 29, 2014
By Poli
This review is from: Angel Michael Oracles (Paperback)

I want to thank Heaven Leigh for your words so delicately phrased in this inspiring book. When I read even up to page nine, I found myself boasting about the impact that was transpiring. Fans you must purchase this book. I cannot describe the impact it’s had on me other than the word, REBIRTH!

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Jacinta F.

5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional, breathtaking, amazing – ALL THE AWARDS!!, April 6, 2013
By Jacinta This review is from: MichaeLuna (Paperback)

Exceptional, breathtaking, amazing – ALL THE AWARDS to this wonderful fairy tale!! The writing is superb and the artwork is beyond breathtaking. This book WILL make you look at Michael’s life and art in a new way, and you will cherish this treasure for as long as you live and beyond. I do not regret a second that I bought this, this was money VERY well spent!

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