Heaven Leigh brings you messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels in your personal Angel Guidance Reading.
  • Reflection of Neverland

    Reflection of Neverland

    This Exclusive Design “Reflection of Neverland” journal is the perfect place to keep your happy thoughts – a wonderful gratitude journal. It is also a perfect companion to the Angel Michael Oracles book. Record your perceptions, thoughts and feelings in this beautiful journal. Click on the journal to order yours today.

  • Angel Michael Oracles

    Angel Michael Oracles

    These are Angel Michael’s messages to those he will forever LOVE. You aren’t losing your mind. He is still speaking to us in myriads of ways. The writings within Angel Michael Oracles can confirm what your heart may already be hearing and sensing.  To discover these secrets from his heart to yours, bring Angel Michael Oracles into your life. You will be so happy you did. Click on the book cover to read what others are saying…

  • E.O.N.S.


    Who is the mesmerizing spirit who guides her? Can he be trusted? Nina’s Story awakens your passion and starts your senses tingling. Before you know it, the story has woven itself into your life and Nina’s magical spirit guide becomes your own.

  • Johnny Depp California Adventure

    Johnny Depp California Adventure

  • Heaven Leigh |Angel Guidance Readings
  • MichaeLuna –  a Story by Heaven Leigh

    MichaeLuna – a Story by Heaven Leigh

Book Reviews from Amazon

Kathy G.

[excerpt] “Heaven Leigh has shared with her readers an urgent and powerful message, which she has seamlessly woven into the story. It’s a message that feels universal, otherworldly, and full of L.O.V.E. I highly recommend this book, and am very much looking forward to the next installment in the trilogy!” 

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[excerpt]  “Heaven Leigh’s more romantic minded readers will dwell in the seductive story that ties it all together; it is, namely a story about true love that is disturbed temporarily by unwelcome desires and delayed by dark forces, spells and jealousy. Yet, since this special love takes place through time and space – it kind of prevails. It is terribly heart aching and yet very sweet. “

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Kiwi G.

“A very sweet romance fairy tale based on Michael jackson. It inspires us to know “we are never alone” and we are always connected to Angels and spirit guides who are always inspiring and loving us. Love is all around us…”

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Ann-Christin H.

“Clearly, one never gets too old to enjoy a good fairy tale. Especially one, like MichaeLuna, which brings us a message of truth inside it, one of love transcending time and space, and the importance to keep one’s childlike heart.The beautiful illustrations make the book even more special.”

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