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An Excerpt From Angel Michael Oracles

“In my book, Dancing the Dream, I speak of God. Of He and of She I speak. How could God be God without understanding all elements of each gender? God can be more than the sum of both genders as you understand them, but never less than both. Never less.

Who else in your world has ever come into it beginning as a beautiful black child, and leaving as a beautiful black child, yet in between showing your world throughout one evolutionary lifetime, what it was to be black and white, male and female, child and adult, all in one?

It is a riddle, yes? But no one must take offense, for it is not worse to be white than it is to be black. Is it? Does your mind tell you this is so? What does your heart say?

It is Not Worse to Be Woman than it is To Be Man…

…do you think? It is not more prized to be a grand adult with all of your knowledge and stature than it is to be a beautiful child of magic and wonder, is it? How do you feel about this?

There are those who embody these traits among you. They may not sing or dance, or channel a universe of entertaining talents as I did, but they embody a message of what it is to be in God’s image. Some of you have hated them, misunderstood them, and killed them with your hate.

It is a riddle again.

How can two be in God’s image if God is in the image of only one?

Your World Has Long Been Out of Balance.

When you learn to value those who you fear and cast aside, your eyes will be opened, your hearts will be pure, and your lives will be rich and resplendent.”



Page 62, Angel Michael Oracles © 2014 Heaven Leigh

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