Mister Communication

Just a few days ago people were referring to the new communications director as “smooth.” Now with the expletive-spewing style of a Good Fella, Mr. Scaramucci has clearly annihilated his reputation for smoothness. When it comes to communication in the White House, it’s the blind leading the blind. If only it were the mute leading the mute. All of this communication is like torture!

If anyone had delusions of this guy coming in and toning down Trump’s wild tweeting habits, they can forget it. There have been so many new attacks on American tradition, human rights and human decency in the Trump administration, and that just happened today.

M.A.H.A. – Make America Horrified Again

I am horrified (again) by Trump’s tweets. Not shocked – horrified, because I’ll never get used to this even though I’m coming to expect it. Trump tried to tweet out a military policy change that would sh** on the lives of thousands of transgender people who selflessly volunteered to serve their country.

Surprise! A president cannot kick thousands of military personnel out with a tweet. Thank goodness. When you don’t know of what you tweet, you should not be allowed to have a Twitter account, but that’s such a small point to make. Someone with no appreciation for the inner-workings of the military should not have the authority to change military policy.

Not a president - a cult leaderFace to Face

Go see what transgender people have accomplished in the military! Talk to them and those in their unit. It is a cult mentality that shuts out a whole group of people because of irrational prejudices. I think with the Don, it’s lust and hunger for power. Period. I don’t believe that the issue is about spending tax dollars on surgeries, otherwise that would be addressed specifically. Trump loves bans. He loves to take things away from people. He’s palsy walsies with the Christian right who are pushing for hate legislation. Question: How is this helping strengthen our military? Ask the experts. It’s not.

The Real White House Wives of D.C.

Trump and friends have not outgrown the classless confines of the reality show genre. People who voted for him thought they were getting the strength of the “You’re FIRED” guy, not realizing that it was just a line scripted for him to read when the director said “take.” That was a part he was playing in a TV show. When it comes to real communication he has no clue. He barks out nonsensical, often mean-spirited tweets and his communications director does the same.

I don’t believe that people voted for a catty reality show set in the White House, but that’s what we’re all getting. What else should we have expected? Get out the popcorn and get ready for the pussy-grabbing and fun-stabbing! Go ahead and polish your nails and put on your high-heeled feather slippers, guys. You can’t look any more ridiculous than you do now.

Oh, I didn’t even get to the Boy Scouts Jamboree speech.





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