A Dangerous Demagogue

We need to be equally concerned with the dangerous mental state of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Like a couple of bratty boys on the playground, they throw around threats and play with our lives. “Fire and fury the likes of which this world has never seen before” is NOT what I want to hear from a U.S. president or any other world leader. It is what we should have expected to hear from someone who throws around words with the care of a rabid Grizzly battling angry bees. Trump continuously uses exaggerations to berate and belittle those in his own government, yet he’s declared his admiration for Kim Jong-Un’s ability to hold onto power. Now we have a real crisis on our hands with the North Korean government, and Trump is just as reckless as ever.

Power Cover

People Need to Use Their Power Now

Dangerous “Greatness”

Trump wants to win and be thought of as a winner. He wants the biggest crowds and quick and easy fixes to everything. He stated on the campaign trail that we don’t use our nukes enough. And his base didn’t blink. Blink now – Blink until you wake up – BLINK DAMMIT! He’s never been in a military battle. He knows nothing of the horrors of war. He uses people like chess pieces (moving them around to get what he wants from them) without knowing anything about the game of chess. To hell with what is best for the country. The only person he’s concerned with is himself and making Donald Trump look “great” in the eyes of the world. His definition of great is known only to him, and even that changes from one day to the next. He’s as stable as your favorite drunk uncle.

A “Great Again” Delusion

“Make America Great Again” is just a brand from a brander. He wants to put his brand on America, and he doesn’t care who suffers or how many. In fact, the MORE the better, in his eyes, because in his dangerous and delusional mind it’s all about him being associated with the biggest numbers possible. That’s exactly why he doesn’t use care and careful reflection before threatening to start the biggest war ever. Donald wants to WIN things. He wants to win the biggest things and doesn’t care about the cost. That’s why he uses the most grandiose words he can think of. If he could re-name America “Trumpland” he absolutely would.

Trump’s Mad White House

There are plenty of people around him that could put a stop to the insanity. They made a hell of a bargain to get him into the presidency, but they can stop him from destroying America and the world. Not that anyone listens to me, but somehow, somewhere, I pray that millions of Americans’ voices will make it to government officials who care enough about the world to stop Trump’s dangerous brand of “greatness” from spreading any further. Was the hope of overturning Roe v. Wade really worth this deal with the devil? How many millions could be killed if Trump has his way? Someone needs to wake up out of the political fog and do something now or there may not be a world to make a better place of.

Peace in blue

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Perhaps we should (in the future if there is one) consider being infinitely more careful about giving so much power to crazy men. Peace out.





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