Healers, Empaths and Wise Ones

clasped hands Healers are needed in this world, but how do we function as healers when we are painfully overwhelmed by the agony around us? It deeply hurts to know that such mind-numbing suffering seems to be ramping up and up. We can FEEL it. The heartache at times becomes debilitating. Even without gut-wrenching daily evidence, we still feel the devastation of rampant crimes against humanity. We felt this before the world had the technology to show us horrifying scenes on a daily basis. So, how do we keep functioning in this mad, mad world?

Staying Grounded

It is often an enormous undertaking for sensitive people to stay grounded here on Earth. Are you with me? I know there are people who struggle to stay here, because some of you have told me that this is getting to be a huge challenge for you. Like nurses and doctors that would not flee a hospital when a massive wave of emergency patients arrived, we must stand and take our places as healers. We must fulfill the prophecy within our spirits. We have an urgent mission that we feel driven to accomplish, but it’s incredibly important that we take time to heal ourselves too.

We feel a special calling – to help others heal. Understandably, to do this for others, we must first heal within. How can we go forward with any personal sense of hope or confidence when there are so many terrifying things happening and there seems to be no end in sight? Our love extends to all people. The world especially needs us now.

You may be newly awakened to your healing mission. You may feel like running away. It is so important for you to understand that the world cannot bear to lose you. Please be willing to remember your singular power, and how much you are treasured.

Healers Do Not Divide and Categorize People

Who else but healers are able to see humankind as spirits? Healers know that we are all spirits with varied and miraculous points of view, life paths, ways of being and ways of appearing. Healers have the vision to see past the pain of chaos and violence, unless we are feeling drowned in it. We are the light-workers, the torch bearers. We must swim to the surface. We must keep our heads above the waters of hopelessness.

We’ve seen in our dreams, the faces of real and lasting change! We know that spirit cannot be killed. The spirit voices of our fallen brothers and sisters continue to propel us forward. They know that the goal isn’t to change everyone here and now. It isn’t to constantly be attempting to put out the fires of hatred. We cannot keep up with them all. We cannot even stop one other person’s heart from hating. What is the goal? What is within our power to accomplish here and now?

Healing angel

Blue Earth Angel by Marsha Silvestri

Inevitably we are all going to leave this world. We long to make positive differences while we’re here. If we are fighting and struggling to change everyone around us, we are in a constant losing battle. We must listen to the music in our hearts that reminds us of our eternal nature. We aren’t staying here for very long in our present form. Life on Earth is short, even if we live a long full life by Earth standards. So, how can we change this world in the time we have here?

We Can Speak Healing Into This World!

Speak healing into this world every day. All humans deserve the same rights, privileges and freedoms. We can do our utmost to let those who represent us know what we want: Equal rights for all.

The taking of innocent life is completely unacceptable and unthinkable. Our minds and hearts agonize over it. Why would any human take another’s life so lightly? Those with open minds and hearts can clearly see the insanity of judging anyone based on their skin tone. Yet we do not have the power to impart clarity or compassion to twisted, hate-filled minds. There are minds in this world that have wrapped themselves tightly around poisonous concepts. These ideas were taught to them. We find it sickening that anyone could live their life in obedience to the ravings of a hate-filled heart.

More Love/No Hate

We might wonder what madness gave birth to the concept that humans should be treated differently based on how they look, how much money they have, who they know, or who they love. There is so much to unlearn. It’s like trying to put less salt in the soup. I understand the purpose of the hashtag #MoreLoveLessHate,  but is “less hate” really our goal? How much less hate? Would 20 percent less be doable? In our heart of hearts we long for a world with no hate. That is the world we came from and the one we wish to return to one day. Zero hate. It’s the only acceptable percentage.

We cannot remove hate from anyone else’s heart. It is however, well within our power to put more love into the world. We can keep putting more love into the world until hate has nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and no room to breathe. We can be the light of love to extinguish the darkness of hatred, as Martin Luther King, Jr. admonished us to be. We can add more and more of the ingredients needed to balance our world. 100% love is the goal. Why would we settle for anything less?

Love in Action: Simple, Yet Meaningful Changes

Putting love into action can be accomplished in many ways, one act of kindness at a time. It may sound naive and foolish to some, but the naysayers have not accomplished peace by fighting hatred. “Hate cannot drive out hate: only LOVE can do that.”

Only love can drive out hate

Peacemaker Master

There is a lot of power in something as simple as a smile. Philando Castile, a wonderful man who worked in an elementary school cafeteria in Minnesota, knew exactly what it was like to make the world a better place. In life, he was a healer.  His spirit reminds us through the heartbroken children who will miss his kindness every day.

Don’t hesitate to show that you care about others. Make eye-contact long enough to give another person a gift of genuine human kindness. We can choose to become more guarded – more fearful, or we can choose to become more loving – more courageous. Does someone need help reaching something on a grocery store shelf? Do you just walk by, or do you ask if you can help them? It matters.

Love. It’s a way of thinking. We cannot control others, but we can set ourselves on a path of sending a steady stream of love into the world. We will not be deterred by what is happening around us. We will not allow ourselves to get so focused on the pain that we give up our mission. If you have the slightest belief in eternity, you must remember somewhere inside your heart that your spirit is indestructible. Love is invincible.

What About the “Good Ones?”

Everyone is inherently good, on a higher-self level. It can seem that many are completely out-of-touch with their higher selves. Yet there are men and women who are putting their lives on the line every day in order to serve their country, that to them represents serving and caring for all. Their hearts and minds are focused on serving and protecting humanity – all of humanity. Their acts of bravery and sacrifice engender respect and appreciation.

Acts of hate by few do not erase acts of dedicated service by many, in much the same way that the hateful acts of few should not be cause for passing judgement on everyone in an entire religion.

“Rotten apples” must be brought to justice. A sacred job carries with it a sacred trust. Those who break that trust, do not deserve the job. Justice must prevail and abuse of power must end.

Send Your Energy to Restore Harmony and Balance

Healers, now is the time to send out our energy to restore harmony and balance in this world. We don’t go backward. We start from now. The positive and powerful results of our work will not be broadcast or written about, but the results will be felt in many ways. We are not often informed of how many lives were saved or how many acts of hate were thwarted before they happened. These things are rarely announced, but that does not mean that good has ended and hatred has won.

We know that we desire peace. We desire it with all our hearts. We desire it with the one collective heart we share with every human sister and brother in the entire human family. We will not accomplish peace by doing battle against unwanted things, but rather by creating peace within. From this place of inner peace, we send peace and love out into our community and our world. Healers channel outrage into healing powerWhat are the ingredients of peace? Perhaps inner peace is the assurance that everything happens for a reason, and that our spirits know those reasons deep within. As we open to remembering the reasons why life on Earth is as it is, more answers will be revealed.

What If?

What if some humans are sent, or volunteer to come to Earth, in order to teach us the urgent need to use our divine powers for good? What if they suffer and die to reveal humanity’s apathy and complacency? Did they come to teach lessons of such magnitude that we will finally learn and never forget?

We must not give up. No matter what is going on around us, we must remember that we have within us tremendous power for good. We are healers. We are needed now more than ever.

As long as there are children in this world, we must continue to be the healers we were born to be. May Phil’s example, in the way he lived his life, be remembered more than the way his life was taken. Let his spirit continue to inspire us to live his example of being a beautiful healer.

Beautiful gift to a beautiful healer

A Child’s Letter to Phil Castile


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