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Nina’s Story by Heaven Leigh

 MichaeLuna and Nina's Story

Heaven Leigh

Author Heaven Leigh’s novel, “Nina’s Story” blends fantasy and romance into a harrowing myth based on the psychology and allure of religious leaders. The temptation to blindly follow a seductive stranger takes the naïve villagers down a twisted path of lies and destruction.

The story unfolds with a group of villagers eager to please the charismatic sorcerer who deceives the people into thinking he comes to save them. Nina, a 17-year old seer, feels that she stands alone in recognizing the stranger’s true intent. She soon finds that she is not alone. Endymion comes to her as a voice that speaks to her heart, guiding Nina in her determination to protect her home and loved ones. Her faith in Endymion’s love and her ability to press onward despite personal betrayal, make Nina’s Story a compelling romantic adventure.

Published on June 25, 2011, the book continues to garner 5-star reviews and draw international buzz as readers share the feelings of loss, betrayal, passion and triumph.

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Ninas Story Endymions Oracles by Author Heaven Leigh


MichaeLuna by Heaven Leigh

Heaven Leigh’s second book, MichaeLuna, developed from a highly acclaimed online serial story entitled “I’m Not Like Other Girls.” This romantic fantasy includes wonderful illustrations to assist in visualizing the two worlds of Michael and Luna. The story centers on the question –

“What if Michael had a muse that inspired him, supported him and truly loved him?”

As the story unfolds we feel their pain of living separate lives, longing to be near one another.  The hope of a relationship with her soulmate makes Luna’s world unbearable and she ultimately makes a decision she cannot undo.

Heaven’s popular online series, “I’m Not like Other Girls” evolved into the romantic illustrated fantasy MichaeLuna, her second published book.  Mimi O’Garren’s fabulous illustrations convey the passion and beauty of this heavenly story.

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MicheaLuna A Michael Jackson inspired Fantasy Story by Author Heaven Leigh


Heaven Leigh: Singer, Songwriter

As Promotions Manager for the renowned L.A. area comedy hot spot, The Ice House, Heaven Leigh began her creative writing career assisting both performers and club owners with material for events. Her writing talents stem from a love of songwriting and performing. Heaven has an emotional depth that many singers lack. Her talent to convey feelings of love and loss combined with her songwriting abilities resulted in her collaboration with John Debney. At the time of their collaboration John was working at Disney Studios. John is an Oscar-nominated composer and producer who supported Heaven’s talent and helped chart her original ballad “Only Mine” appearing on her second CD.

“Faith in You”, Heaven’s first CD, consists entirely of original compositions. With a blend of spiritual and romantic songs, Heaven Leigh’s CD sold copies abroad and here in the United States to a wide listening audience.  Heaven’s follow-up CD “Embraceable You” is a tribute to her favorite jazz tunes of the 40’s and 50’s. “Embraceable You” also includes her original bittersweet ballad “Only Mine.”

If you are interested in purchasing the CD’s they are available at cdbaby.com – click on the image to see the songs in each cd.

Heaven Leigh CD Faith in You | Intuitive Spirit Guide

Embraceable You CD by Heaven Leigh | IntuitiveSpiritGuide.com




Heaven Leigh brings her passion for music into the reader’s experience by adding soulful melodies to her intriguing stories, enhancing her literary works.

Stay in touch and find out more! Heaven currently resides in Colorado with her husband and two children.


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