No One is Protesting a Flag or Anthem

It’s infuriating that people take no time to understand what a protest is about before judging and condemning. If you blindly embrace a dictator, you will find yourself in his relentless grip, and if ever you do not agree with him, that will be too bad for you. You are prisoners of a madman who cares nothing for our flag or anthem except as he can use them to control others. You’re being played if you are buying his crap.

A child implores us to think about the real issues

What Good Is A Flag or Anthem Without Love?

While some self-righteously stand with their hands over the place their hearts should be, others are being mercilessly shot and killed. If you are on the side of standing for a song and a symbol over caring about people protesting their brothers and sisters being murdered, you’ve completely lost sight of what that song and symbol represent.
Take the time to LEARN what is really happening. Or follow your madman. You are shackled in chains of blindness. He has the metal collar around your throat. You speak only what he tells you to speak, think only what he tells you to think.

Life or Death Issues

If it came down to a child freezing to death or being wrapped in the only hope of warmth that happened to be nearby, its stars and stripes a promise of life, would you save the child or worship the symbol? That is what is at stake. It’s life or death that is on the line.

Protesting the Desecration of the Declaration of Independence

No one is disrespecting the flag or anthem by protesting brothers and sisters being murdered. They are upholding the deepest meaning of those symbols. Protesters are saying that the meaning of these symbols is being profaned by the tolerance of inequality and racism that allows some to die and some to live based on the color of their skin. The guilty go unpunished. The protests are for meaningful change, change that actually holds and exercises the truth of equality for all.

Ordered How to Protest

If you allow a leader to dictate when and how to protest, you are going down an insanely dangerous road. If you look at the civil rights funding and programs this administration has cut, you will see why these protests are more necessary than ever.
So if you join a leader in pride and vanity and calling people sons of bitches, you will be on that side of history. What a great thing to put pride before human kindness and decency. After all, that’s the old adage, right? “Pride goeth before greatness…?”

Surviving the Trump Cult

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