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King MoonGlow & The Magical Dream

King MoonGlow & The Magical Dream is a story for hearts that long to celebrate a powerful and kind leader who understands that his strength is in his ability to rule with fairness and love. Quinn, one of the fillies in the mystical kingdom of Skylimitless, wears metal plates that she was told would help straighten her back. Instead, they are hiding a great secret about her. Quinn lives at Four Tree Cottage with her Aunt Persnickety, who is not always kind. Quinn’s mother disappeared into the sea when Quinn was just a foal, and she misses her terribly.

When a magical dream gives Quinn the courage to seek King MoonGlow’s help, there are many surprises in store for Quinn and the king. Join Quinn on her quest to learn what happened to her mother, and to unlock her special powers! King MoonGlow and the Magical Dream is a wonderfully healing story that encourages you to discover your own power. It will have you looking to the stars to catch a glimpse of King MoonGlow’s glittery mane as he leaps and dances across the sky. He reminds you to use your imagination to embrace your fondest dreams!

Elyana and Quinn on the beach

Illustration from King MoonGlow & The Magical Dream


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