“Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”


Depression in some cases can be the ability to feel everyone else’s pain but your own. You distance yourself from your own pain until you are numb to it so that you can concentrate your efforts on cheering others up. You live trying to help everyone else, acutely feeling their pain. In the darkest of times when you let your own pain in, and the totality of it all is so overwhelming that you feel like killing yourself, the monsters are at their worst.

But what is “madness?” 823 We're all Mad Here

To be so oblivious to everyone else that you focus only on what you want? Is that sanity?

Hats off to the happy assholes out there who just go for what they want, get it, and don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves.

Oh, but they are the mentally “healthy” ones. Okay. I’d rather have friends who are “mentally ill” then. For as long as they can stand being on Earth, I so appreciate their genius, depth of thought and relentless effort to change the world. If they can learn to love themselves – add this to the mix in huge doses – well, I guess they would realize that they are actually the ones who control everything worthwhile in the whole f-ing world.

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