Magical Meditation ☼ Meditation 2

Rise Above

As you read each line, breathe slowly. Feel the peace inside you. Invite the quiet power to flow through you. This power you have always known. This power IS you. Close your eyes after each line of the poem and just feel. Breathe.  Pause for a minute or two in magical moments of rejuvenation. Read the next line. Feel the sunlight on your face.

Feel the healing light enter your bloodstream…  feel your wings unfurling…


White Unicorn with Wings

I am grace

I am power

There is beauty in my wings

I create my cloud path

As the rainbow colors sing


Heaven Leigh Love Wins


Goodness and brilliance fill my heart with happiness

Every person

Every creature

Every Earth song do I bless





Butterfly Cloud by Jasmine

Butterfly Cloud by Jasmine


Weekly Blessing: You are beauty and eternity within. You are LOVE and you are so very loved. TYM

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