Magical Meditation ☼ Meditation 4

Somewhere in Time Sunrise

As you read each line, breathe slowly. Feel the peace inside you. Invite the infinitude of time to flow through you. The magic of time you have always known. Remember. Embrace the infinite love that is yours. Close your eyes after each line of the poem and just feel. Breathe. Pause for a minute or two in magical moments of rejuvenation. Read the next line. Imagine the clock’s hands spinning back. Further and further they go. Feel them. BE the hands of time.

Each sunrise back to the dawn of time illuminates your joy, warms the coldness that you felt as  pain… loneliness. You sense the love around you on your journey through lifetimes of love, loss, sadness and victories.  Now you are back to the first moment you can remember stepping into the Universe to shine your life force for all to see. Feel your wings unfurling… outstretch your arms… feel your timeless power. See the sunrise in your soul as you shine your brilliance throughout the eons of time you have yet to discover. Continue breathing slowly, calmly.


Sunflower raindrops

Sunflower by Petra Grube









Dawn is but a memory in the deepest longings of my heart

I begin

Somewhere in time I lost you

Who are you?

Bright sky and bridge

Love is the creator of the sun that burst forth as my soul

I am

Somewhere in time you found me

Who am I?

Clock and double ocean views

Time is the invention we created to surround our love

We measured

Somewhere in time we parted

Where are you?

retro pocket watch timey wimey

Where there is no time

Where there is only LOVE

You are me

We are here

We live forever in each sunrise


sunflower tearsI see our sun reflecting in each tear

Let the sadness go

Let the sorrow know

You remember when you were the sunrise


Remember the GLOW that you have always been. You will always BE.



Weekly Blessing: You are beauty and eternity within. You are LOVE and you are so very loved. TYM

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