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If I Had the Chance


If I had the chance

My love would not be intrusive,

It would not beg,

It would not claim to be your only

Or your forever,

Just yours–as long as you wanted it.


It would not try to be your everything

Just being there

Would be enough.

It would look into you,

Not at you.


It would whisper your name,

Not scream it.

It would hold your hand,

Dry your tears,

And forgive your mistakes.


It would not blindly follow you,

But it would not harshly judge you

It would not plead to be your lover,

It would only ask to be your friend.


And to be your friend,

Even for a short while,

Would mean everything…

If I had the chance.


Click to see Michael Jasmine "Billie Jean" video

Click to see Michael Jasmine “Billie Jean” video


Message to a Dancer

Express me

Tell my story with your movement

And your eyes


Speak my language, our language

The music


I am music

I am nature

You are the instrument

Play me and let me play within you



Give them time

To feel the stillness

To hear me

When they can no longer hear me


When you stop, I can start

I appear in the dot…dot…dot

I can whisper in your ear

When you clear

A path of silence

All the noise is violence

Pushing me away

Let me stay…



If I Had the Chance & Message to a Dancer Copyright 2011, 2012 Jasmine Christina

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