MichaeLuna – A Magical Romance

MichaeLuna is a beautifully illustrated Fairy Tale that asks:

What if Michael Jackson’s muse was a real being, watching over and inspiring him, as she had done for great musicians down through the ages?

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Something unexpected happened when she began her musical relationship with him. Magical and confusing feelings disrupted the realm of this heavenly goddess of song. She fell hopelessly in love. Wouldn’t you?

MichaeLuna includes a beautiful poem written by Michael Jackson in 1991. The poem refers to a secret love – far above him – unreachable. Was Michael speaking of the ethereal Luna? Destined to become a classic, this tale of impossible love will leave you believing that anything is possible.

Michael Jackson adored the story of “Peter Pan.” He loved the idea of having a magical muse.  What if Michael actually had his very own “Tinkerbell?” She guided him. She inspired him, yet she intended to remain invisible, as she had always done before. Something about Michael’s kindness and gratitude for her gifts, touched her deeply. This couldn’t be happening. She could not let it. And yet, it was happening. This is their story- the story of MichaeLuna. Published in April 2013. Available at Amazon .



Heaven Leigh Intuitive Spirit GuideAbout MichaeLuna Author Heaven Leigh

MichaeLuna marks the 2nd book penned by popular spirit guide Heaven Leigh. She continues to take her readers on a magical journey with stories inspired and revealed to her through Michael’s spirit.

These are journeys of the heart and soul, tales of strength and community, friendship and betrayal. Above all – love never dies. Heaven Leigh guides you through unexpected emotional and empowering moments. As the fabric of her stories is revealed, you get a strong sense of the characters and the challenges they face in life and love – challenges you too may encounter. Would you have opened your heart to a muse, a magical guide?  MichaeLuna is a short story with beautiful illustrations and special messages for the reader. For more information about Heaven Leigh, see her bio page here.

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