Mooch Out

It’s quite ironic that someone so Trump-like stays in a White House job for just eleven days. Inappropriateness is said to be the problem? Trump got elected to the highest office in the land by being just that inappropriate, or even more so. Scaramucci is out and I’m not sorry about it at all. I can’t say that I’ll miss him. Could it mean that General John Kelly, newly appointed White House Chief of Staff, is firmly taking the reins? It’s hard to believe that Trump would actually listen to someone else. On the other hand, it’s quite easy to believe that the short-lived, Cain-like Mooch had to go because he was upstaging Trump.

Nobody Better Upstage Trump

It will be interesting to see if General Kelly can get this wild river rafting excursion under control. If he does, he will have to give Trump all of the credit, of course, but I’m caring less and less about this. What we really want is for the world to just hold together. There is always fighting somewhere -always wars and threats of war. This is life on Earth. So how is everybody doing with The Law of Attraction these days? I’m kind of mad at it. How did we attract all of the pain and tragedy in the world? I wish there was a law of attraction for world peace, but EVERYONE would have to get on board with it.

What About the BIG Questions?

Can anyone stop North Korea’s insane leader from nuking the countries he sees as enemies, or help Venezuela escape a dictatorial government? Can we clean up our environment and heal the damage we’ve already done? I wonder more and more about how that law of attraction pertains to the really big questions. There are many possible answers, but I’m not buying any of them at the moment. I’m weary of the cycle of politics, and wishing to reach out to the universe for some real answers.

Spinning Plates

The Universe is said to be teaching us. I sometimes wonder if we are teaching the universe too. I’ve heard something like that before, that “we are all part of some grand experiment.” If that’s the case, the universe must be very bored with us. We keep repeating the same stuff over and over – and OVER. The men who seem to rise to the top of businesses and governments seem to have the least qualifications to be there. They seem to have great concern for how they look, how great others think they are, wealth and accumulation of people who serve them. Trumper and Mooch both fit this description perfectly. I’m glad there aren’t two of them in The White House now, but the most dangerous one is still there.

Why Do We Reward Egomaniacs?

I write to ask questions of myself and I write to think. Maybe my thoughts are shared by others and hopefully those who think about these things are the ones who will bring steady change by attracting better leaders. It would be encouraging if world leaders were getting better and better, and maybe in some countries this is true. I sincerely believe that Germany will never again see a Hitler-type running their country. Is it simply human nature that every country has to have at least one insane egomaniac leader before it learns it’s lesson? What is it about humanity that allows the worst among us to rise to the top? Where are the phenomenally caring and qualified people hiding?

Some don’t fear a person like Trump at all. That’s because they trust and like him. I can’t claim that, but in the big picture, he isn’t actually scary. If we are all spirits choosing to live as humans at this time, none of this should scare us in the light of eternity. We can observe it as another opportunity to learn whatever the hell it is that we came here to learn. This part is a very brain-fraying lesson. He, like everyone else who touches our lives in one way or another, is here for a reason. Is it (in part at least) to test our power?


Character Over Celebrity

Trump doesn’t happen when most of society values character over celebrity and substance over salaciousness. I must believe that, because I must believe that this can be changed. How can we possibly let a good show overtake our sense of dignity and moral responsibility to ourselves, our children and the rest of the world? Leadership communication should not include insane tirades.

I truly hope that Mooch learned something through this ugly episode. It’s just a blip of ugly. I’m thoroughly tired of the show. Maybe Scaramucci’s eleven days in office represent Trump’s eleven months. I’m imagining something better with all my heart – for the whole world. I’ve marched, I’ve called, and I’ve signed petitions. I know that’s not enough. I’ll vote in every election in which I am eligible. Politics used to be something I could just ignore and hope it would get better, but more than ever I’ve learned how politics comes right into our every day lives.

Police and Boy Scouts

Our leaders need to uphold a standard for our children to follow. We correct children for doing much less offensive things than our leaders do. I watched the speech live, from Trump to police officers. If he was joking about giving the green light to police brutalizing those they take into custody, it definitely didn’t seem like a joke. I love humor. That wasn’t humorous in the least. When the police force and the Boy Scout organization has to apologize for things the president says, what does that say to the president? It doesn’t matter, because he clearly does not care. So what can we attract that’s better than this – and how can we do it?

I Think About It

What can we really do? We can be nice to each other through this bizarre period in American history. We can realize that there are other countries who have never had a “normal” government or “normal” leaders who had the people’s best interest at heart. Every president, prime minister, or otherwise titled leader ┬áhas made mistakes, but I don’t believe that every leader sets out to fool and take advantage of people. I’m glad Mooch is gone, because we didn’t need another Trump personality in the White House.

On we go, perhaps feeling dragged over a desert of cactus, but somehow we’ll get through this. At least our spirits will.

Your spirit survives everything

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