Gus Gus, Tinkerbell, Carousel Horse and Figurines



I walk among the twinkling stars

The children’s laughter guides my heart

The music from the carousel brings me back to Neverland


Castles not upon the sand

But in the hearts of child and man

In the eyes of mothers’ smiles when they held their babies’ hands


Off to ride beneath my stars

Giggles, dreams and hopes of youth

They found healing, love and truth, for a moment touched the sky


carousel neverland effects


Love creates this magic space

This stuff of dreams time can’t erase

The wisdom of the whispering trees brings me back to Neverland


For Neverland is in your heart

Close your eyes, the magic starts

And you and I who never part find ourselves by water’s edge


From the smiles of youthful eyes

Magic lives and faerie flies

You create a Neverland every time your love you pledge
Paris at Neverland Popcorn Clean-up

I see into your loving mind

That will not leave my land behind

Every act of love divine recreating  Neverland


Touch my hand and feel my heart

The children call, “It’s time to start.” 

You and I are one as we build new dreams to heal this world

Neverland train fairy border




Quiet now as the music swells

My message flows from each carousel

Hear the melody call your name as we build again sweet dreams

With every kindness your heart bestows

My magical kingdom grows and grows

Open your eyes to what angels know within every song they sing


Neverland is not just a place you go; it’s the LOVE that makes EVERYTHING

Neverland slide child frame




Poem: Copyright © 2014 Heaven Leigh

Photo: Top, Copyright © 2014 Heaven Leigh

“When You Wish Upon a Star” second version by Heaven Leigh

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