Endymion Oracles: Nina’s Story

Ninas Story Endymions Oracles

Published June 25, 2011

When an egomaniacal leader enters a peaceful world,  promising salvation from a disease that he himself created, seventeen-year-old Nina is the only one in her village who can see his cruel purpose. While those she loves are seduced into following the magician down a twisted path of lies and destruction, the seer does everything she can to try to turn her family and friends back to their loving Goddess Inana.

As Nina finds herself facing an impossible task, a spirit voice comes to her as her guide. She struggles to discover the identity of this mesmerizing spirit. His is the voice of hope and wisdom. She knows that somehow he holds the key to saving her people.

Everything depends upon Nina’s courage in the face of the magician’s escalating power. Elevating himself to the title of sorcerer, Oscuridad’s influence spreads quickly. He hypnotizes the people of Nina’s village with poisonous promises. Accompanied by a mysterious black wolf, the sorcerer drains the villagers of their treasures while claiming it is pleasing to their goddess. He won’t be completely satisfied until he also has Nina for his own. It is of little interest to Oscuridad that she detests him.

As the sorcerer’s power claims more and more villagers’ lives, Nina realizes that she is running out of time in which to save her village and discover the owner of the spirit voice she has grown to love.

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Goddess Inana Blessings

Heaven Leigh Intuitive Spirit GuideEndymion Oracles is a planned trilogy, the first of which is Nina’s Story, published in June of 2011. Author Heaven Leigh weaves real-life magic into these tales of fantasy. Once you enter Nina’s world you will want to return again and again. Each visit reveals new secrets. Soon, you too will be using love’s power to create real magic in your own life. Nina’s Story is available NOW at Amazon.com, in Paperback and Kindle editions.  

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