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Nina’s Story characters by artist Mimi O’Garren


“Nina was silently thanking Inana, as she approached the sanctuary entrance and saw people still spilling out of the room.It was obvious that they weren’t in their usual jovial spirits. Some were whispering, some were conversing loudly regarding their loyalty to the new God, but most were simply walking out in bewildered silence. While Nina looked at the villagers, stopping as she realized that none of the guards were chasing her. Friends and neighbors faces began to contort in another horrifying vision.

Their skin shriveled and became too tight. It began to split and pull away from their skulls, until they resembled walking skeletons. Nina saw a wave of many familiar faces turning toward her only to darken and transform to the same type of death-like visage. She closed her eyes tightly and backed away from the crowd, willing the images to cease. When she opened her eyes again, the people looked normal, except for the anxiety and helplessness she saw on their faces. A dizzying nausea filled her as she fought it and moved more quickly toward the exit doors.

“No!” she shrieked, as she was running and praying for an escape from the madness. Inana’s voice called to Nina at the same moment that the Goddess’ striking image appeared in the doorway. Nina wanted to keep running, in her haste to be rid of the nightmare, but slowed her pace to admire the Goddess’ glowing form. Inana had a comforting and somewhat hypnotic effect on the frightened girl.

“Nina, you must have more proof in order to save them. You must show them what Oscuridad has done in other villages. I can take you to a place where you will find your proof.” Nina ran to her Goddess, trembling and tired, allowing her fears to melt in Inana’s arms.

“Yes, I will go with you,” she sobbed, “Please take me away from here…now.”

No one saw the Goddess, and her embrace made Nina invisible to any who might look in her direction. But the sorcerer had followed Nina after harshly punishing the animal. As he turned a corner, he saw her running toward the Grand Hall’s exit and suddenly disappearing. He knew enough about the world of magic to realize that this was not a trick that Nina could accomplish by herself. Inana must be involved. The black wolf, who was obviously still in pain, had been forced to follow his master as best he could. Oscuridad decided to give him one more opportunity to prove he was worth the food he gulped down daily.

“Wolf!” Oscuridad waited for the moment when Nina would appear again, if she ever did. He strained his eyes in hopes of a clue as to what the Goddess was up to. His patience paid off. He could just make out the Goddess’ shimmering outline as Nina stepped back from Inana’s embrace and reached out her hand to grasp the Goddess’ hand.

“There!” Oscuridad shouted to the wolf and motioned wildly for him to follow the girl. “Bring her back to me!” the sorcerer growled through clenched teeth.

The wolf, recovering his powerful stride as he ran, found himself leaping through a mystical foggy portal and into the place where Nina had been transported by Inana’s miraculous will.

As the blue mist cleared, Nina tried to recover her balance and stand without swaying. She didn’t see the black wolf quietly ducking for cover behind some large trees. His eyes followed her movements as she stretched and tried to shake the effects of the transportation.”

Endymion Eyes red flower

Endymion Eyes by artist Mimi O’Garren

Excerpt from Chapter 8, Finding the Answers, Endymion Oracles, Book 1 Nina’s Story

Copyright © 2011 , Heaven Leigh, All Rights Reserved



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