Channeling Peace From Spirit

In the impossibly long months that have passed since the 2016 election, I have watched myself become addicted to chaos. The dread of this happening actually began during the election campaigns. The world churning around me reminds me of my childhood spent in constant worry and panic. I don’t believe anyone decided to come to Earth to live in a state of worry or panic. So to break this cycle, I must rebuild my peace. I must see chaos as a shell around my true purpose. Unfortunately it’s not a thick candy one. It’s time to break the shell of chaos addiction and go deeper inside to a place of spirit and calm, where reason has not become extinct.

I wrote “Endymion Oracles: Nina’s Story”  as a way to heal from a childhood of cultism. Every waking moment was spent trying to obey an egomaniac leader that constantly said outrageous things. He spoke of women and children as inferior to men, he was a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, narcissistic madman long before I knew what any of those words meant. I was brought into the cult as an infant, and knew no other “normal.” It would seem that I was born for the current political circumstances in America, but it has felt like a giant leap into the past. It has felt like a sticky web of irony pulling me backward into a terrible joke.

Where To Find Peace

It’s so easy to fall back into chaos addiction when you were programmed to call it your life from birth, but I know that I climbed out of it rung by rung before, and I cannot live the rest of my life falling back into that darkened pit of insanity. No matter how prevalent chaos is around us, we must reach deeper. Whatever is going on around you, there still is peace to be found, even if it is buried quite deep inside your spirit. Your spirit is never fearful. Your spirit is the only power that can truly calm you. My inner peace, my spirit, agrees to listen to other spirits of peace. In this way I can remember that life amidst chaos can still be worthwhile. As long as I can learn and grow, I can find meaning in life.

How Do You Let Go of Fear?

Every cult is built on fear. Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story: Cult (which many would agree is a great description of where America now is) got that absolutely correct. My Endymion Oracles book, though much less gruesome in theme, attests to the fact that the main ingredient that every “successful” cult-leader wields like a wickedly enchanted Excalibur, is indeed FEAR. Any cult leader who weaves his spell, begins and ends every manipulative tactic with fear. In order to break the chaos addiction, we must circumvent fear, break it down, go around and rise above it. With our physical lives being less and less protected, the feeling of being physically safe is hard to muster. So we must rely on something deeply permanent to tether us to our temporary existence here.

We also must find space in our own minds to quiet the fear – send it away – little by little if necessary. All-at-once-change is rare, so be patient with yourself. I’m restarting. I want to get back to a place of trust and calm. I will have to unplug from some of the things that fuel my feelings of terror. We can do this. It’s somewhat like the spiritual equivalency to sinking into a warm bath with glowing candles all around you. Sink into your spirit this way.

Learning Optimally, Visualizing Eternity

In a passage from the book Angel Michael Oracles, I channeled a spirit of peace whose words I find myself returning to. They mean more to me than ever:

Everything you do today should be always with the big picture of eternity in mind. If you make a mistake, don’t sweat it so much. When you do something and put your whole heart into it, and people don’t recognize its importance yet, realize that what you have created is what is important. It is part of eternity now. They will see when they are ready. You have done your part in the creation.

Learn to LOVE Yourself and Heal the World

In this passage, a spirit of peace speaks to us as equals, recognizing the peace that is also us:

Dearest Earth Angels,

You live in a dimension I so love. Yours is a realm among other spirits in “human houses.” You have come down to Earth – or “over to Earth” or “up to Earth,” depending on your perspective. Heaven is here in this moment. You don’t actually fall from it. It isn’t actually above you. Some of these paradigms get so woven into us that we actually stop our own growth and dam up our own progress with concepts of places we think are “too beautiful for us” or that we must “be good enough to one day get into.”

Heaven is a creation you have the power to manifest at any given moment in what you perceive as time.

Feel Paradise Inside Your Soul

Let “fall away” anything that doesn’t feel like Heaven. FEEL paradise inside your soul. You carry your home around with you wherever you go. Deep inside you, is your home.

In Earth lifetimes we manifest bodies to come into and live in, though we go in and out of them constantly. We cannot truly be held inside a body. Our energy comes through, manifesting as light and electrical charges that can be partially seen and measured scientifically, but the value of our spirit can never be measured.

Angel Michael Oracles Continues:

Many lifetimes of physical bodies with spiritual missions have taught me much. I vowed each time to remember more and more of who I am and why I came to Earth, and what I am supposed to be doing while there.

This is challenging, Earth Angels. You, who are no less valuable than I, who are ONE with me, one with all, and yet each shining in a very individual beam of light, a color, a harmonic note, a vibration, a feeling, each part of the whole wishing to “stand out” from the rest. It is torture to blend in, to be unnoticed as unique and special. You are unique. There is only one you, not lost in the whole, but rather an essential element, a one of a kind component to the whole. If you were missing it would cause the whole to collapse – be no more – disappear. You are essential –  of the greatest importance, and this gives you every reason in the world to love yourself.

You are changing the world every day, at the level of thoughts and feelings. Some refer to this as your “vibration.”

Spirit is Perfect Empathy

When you hurt, we all hurt. Your pain vibration is absorbed and felt by all. When I hurt, you hurt. My pain vibration is felt by all. If we cannot feel any pain, we do not have empathy with others, so spirit feels another’s pain. In pure spirit, unfettered by human weaknesses, our feelings of pain are entirely comprised of empathy. We do not generate our own pain. So as long as there is a human world, we too will feel your pain. “Heaven” is not a place where purely spirit beings ignore humanity’s suffering and play music and dance all day. We are joyous and filled with love because we are completely certain that all is as it should be. Yet we are not so distant that we do not cry your tears with you.

Our Spirits Must Tune Into Other Spirits of Peace

The spirit coming to me as “Michael” is synonymous with “peace,” and in light of eternity, the spirit was introduced to me as “Endymion.” The meaning of the name Michael is “who is like God?” The meaning of the name Endymion is “a shepherd.”



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