Michael Jackson and Ryan White

An Innocent Friendship – Message from Ryan channeled on May 20, 2013


Heaven Leigh Introduction

Through a series of recent events, Ryan White’s spirit has come to the forefront of my mind and heart. This started happening before the May 2013  false accusations against Michael Jackson. I don’t know what the connection is, but I find it strange that false allegations surfaced in 1993, 2003 and 2013. I don’t understand the 10 year increment sign, but maybe it will become clearer one day.

My most recent book, a fairy tale in which Michael is the focus, is a “publish on demand” book. I ordered the first batch of MichaeLuna books to sign for people who had requested this. In the meantime needed revisions were made, so the books were not printed on the day they had been ordered. They were printed on April 8th. I never know what the exact date of printing will be. I looked up the date when I received the books to see if this date had any significance to Michael. I discovered that it was the day in 1990 when Ryan White ascended. This inspired me to write in each of these very special first run books, a loving tribute to Ryan White: Always Remember, followed by his date of birth and ascension date.

I had been getting what I understand now to be promptings from Michael and Ryan’s spirits, that the name “Ryan” was very important to Michael. Yet I just didn’t connect this with his friend and beautiful spirit Ryan White until I looked up the significance of April 8th.

A popular bar and grill in my town was named “Jackson’s” until about 2 years ago, when it was changed to the chain restaurant named “Ryan’s.” I remember being disappointed with this turn of events because I loved the red and black colors and the Jackson name on the sign. Now it is another (literal) sign to point me to the importance of the relationship between Michael Jackson and Ryan White. Please read in the words of this beautiful spirit, as best I could write it out, what he wanted us, now children of Earth, to know about his relationship with Michael, and most importantly about our own hearts.

Michael and Ryan phone conversation

Ryan White’s spirit speaks

Michael is like a being so far from what anyone in your world can seem to imagine that a human could be. He shook you all up!

He isn’t complicated folks! He came to make people smile and believe in magic again. You all have gotten so far away from believing in goodness and magic.

Sure you have to watch out for the “bad guys,” the ones who are troubled inside and visit their troubles on others. That is so far from who Michael was and is. I wish you could know him, know his heart like I did and like I do and always will.

He had a messed up childhood in some ways. Some people have pain in their childhoods and they decide to get all angry. They are suspicious of everyone and trust nobody.

Michael took his pain and turned it inside out to help other kids to have happy childhoods, no matter how sick or hurt or hungry they were. He wanted to help them. Some people just cannot fathom this kind of unselfishness. They look for other motives. It says more about the people accusing Michael than it does about Michael. Don’t you get that? Don’t let them fool you, please.

It’s important to me.

Flower by Petra Grube, Germany

Flower by Petra Grube, Germany

There are Good People

It is hard for people to understand Michael when they have a mind-set of “If someone seems too good to be true, they must be!”

Michael operated from an intention of love and gleeful childlike belief in life and magical hopes for humanity that is nearly impossible for some to believe.

A pedophile, a person with obsessive tendencies to abuse and use children for their own sexual gratification, is someone harboring horrific “demons.” This is usually a deeply disturbed soul that was horrifically abused in some lifetime and is unable to cope. This soul visits its torment on others.

Michael was sometimes lonely, longing to be understood, insecure about his looks due to childhood teasing that he let get to him and took seriously, but he was not a tormented soul that visited his pain on others. He brought JOY to others.

Michael and I spent many hours and days together. Someone with a lust for kids is NOT a rationally thinking person – is not concerned about HEALING THE WORLD – and would not spend a lifetime writing and singing from his heart about being kind and loving and concerned caretakers of your mystical planet.

A man crazed for child flesh would not be able to resist the temptation of a boy who was totally in awe of him. I was pretty cute too, if I say so myself.

My “testimony” about my great and true friend Michael, who was just having a good ol’ time like I was – like brothers when we were together, is this:

Michael very likely would have contracted AIDS, the H.I.V. virus from me if he was what some people want to believe that he was.

There’s so Much to Learn.

Come on people! WAKE UP!

Some of you are missing the whole point of life. If more of you could be more like Michael the world would be a better place.

He doesn’t want your worship – and he doesn’t deserve your fear or disdain. Michael is a force of love to be treasured and most of all – learned from. What a rich source of heart-knowledge to be gained here.

He doesn’t deserve people trying to destroy his reputation and the legacy he built to leave for his children. How much money is worth this? Money is nothing. Integrity, honesty, and love of mankind is what makes people rich.


Let the Children Come Unto Me

Kids understand Michael so much better than most adults do. I could see his heart very easily. Why hang around with a sick kid like me?

To be childlike – to believe in real magic – that was Michael. He helped me so much. You need to know.

Michael doesn’t need you to believe in him as much as he needs you to believe in yourselves. I need this. Every spirit wishes this for each other and for themselves. Some have NO CLUE as to how to get there.

Are you going to become a society of stodgy old hopeless heartless accusers? Are you destined to be just a bunch of terminally suspicious finger-pointers? Why do gossip stories get the most attention? There are so many people doing good in your world! When are you going to pay ATTENTION to them? They aren’t all as famous as Michael Jackson you know.

The elderly lady down the street who makes cookies for church every week should get headlines once in awhile! Geez people.

What about the man who cleans your school day after day when all the kids have gone home? Where is the “Janitor of the Year” People MagazineFlower by Petra G cover?

You are focused on so many unimportant things! There is magic ALL AROUND you, and you are missing it!

Michael knew his own pure intentions, so yep, he really pushed the conventional limits. He knew what he was doing was fun and playful, not dark and evil. Someone with dark evil intentions would try to hide everything.

The very stuff that people are using to condemn him are the things that speak to his innocence.

He got you.

In a way it is Michael’s finest joke on humanity.

There is such a lesson there.

Michael Jackson's shoes

Artist Mimi O’Garren

Heal the World

Those who truly want to grow, to stretch their imaginations and breathe the air of freedom and innocence will see that only through a pure heart can come the good that is to be done on Earth.

Michael has so much connection with male and female sides of his being. He appeared to you in his MJ lifetime as a man. Yet his heart was nurturing, mothering, and sweet.

This is so hard for macho-man types to comprehend.

Tom Sneddon for one!

Holy Cow!

Don’t let your heart be shaped by society’s suspicions and angry men bent on destroying what and whom they do not begin to understand.

The money-starved will always be hungry for more. There will always be those who put money as their god.

Mercy for them.

That won’t turn out well for them – until they are honest with themselves. Money won’t make one single soul happy.

Michael had so much money. He was saddened because he couldn’t help people see the truth of how to live the magic that should be their lives.

He only wants to help others now, as then. He is all about caring for his children, his children in his MJ lifetime, and ALL children all over the world!

What good is money to false accusers? Money is just another teaching tool. It is something by which hearts are tested and intentions are revealed.

Get over it.Monument for Ryan White's grave

My heart, my love goes out to you. Michael was and always will be a good guy, and a powerfully loving spirit.

But more than believing in his innocence, he hopes you will believe in your own.

Build a world you actually want to live in – a happy world!

Do not allow humanity’s capacity for innocent fun, playfulness and carefree BLISS to be gone too soon.

Thank you so much for listening! Now go build your happy world!



Be a Heart that Heals Your WorldForest Lawn Michael Jackson Gathering June 2013

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