What Does “Spiritual” Mean to You?

To be spiritual is many things to many people. It is a journey of listening. When we listen to our spirit, soul, heart, or inner being, we may not feel the need for congregating with others. The most spiritual experience for some may be a walk on a moonlit night, surrounded by trees and a star-filled sky. When and where spirit speaks to you is up to you. All you need is an open heart and mind.

Endymion – Wolf Spirit

Today we open our hearts and minds to spirit. We open to loving, trustworthy spirits of peace. “How do we survive spiritually, when we are surrounded with physical tragedies?” I listen to a spirit I know as Endymion. This name means “shepherd.” Ironically, he showed up in Nina’s Story in the form of a wolf. Perhaps he shepherds others with wild and beautiful spirits too. A wolf is loyal, protective and strong. These are beautiful qualities that this spirit reveals.

Endymion Speaks – Spiritual Survival

If you are only thinking in terms of physical survival, you are waiting and fearing. If you are open to thinking through your spirit, you are learning how to trust. Things are always changing in your physical realm. Everything physical is susceptible to change. Your spirit is forever. The permanence of your spirit doesn’t change, but you do continue to learn and grow to the extent that you open to learn.

Your spirit survives everything. Everyone you have ever known and loved is forever. It is impossible to lose anyone, but it is possible to feel the separation, as you know. Whatever is meant to be learned in your world, which would be diminished if revealed in its entirety, is in part revealed through those feelings of loss. But in order to emotionally survive, you must keep at all times in your mind, heart and spirit, the permanence of LOVE.

Always Connected

The one you miss is still connected to you. There is an invisible ray of light that flows in, around and through you. Like musical notes that flow through your mind, becoming the eternal song of your hearts, the connection is never broken. While you breathe the breath of the Earth-dweller, you may not always recognize that light, but the moment you enter the realm of eternity once again, you will recognize each other instantly.

It is hardly bearable to wait, because of the way Earth-dwellers measure time. Every moment away from the physical presence of a loved one can seem like forever. Imagine forever seeming like a moment, because when you are conscious of eternity, time may seem silly to you. Begin to see the rest of your days (as an Earth-dweller) in the beautiful mode of experience-gathering. These experiences are purpose-filled, though they may not seem so as you go through them. Nothing you see, feel or do is wasted. You came to Earth to do it. You came to experience loss in addition to love, belonging and intertwining as spirits.

Never Separate

The world that is more real is the world of pure love. There are so many things to distract you, as you plan your days filled with building, tearing down and building again. Structures, relationships and governments are built, torn down and built again. Through it all, love survives. People lose their physical lives, yet they still survive in spirit. Spirit is more real because it is permanent. You will see everyone you have ever loved in that perfectly permanent realm of love. There is no loss. There is only waiting. And yet when you close your eyes, drift in peace over your body, you may catch a glimpse of that ray of light. You may begin to see many, warm, glowing and golden rays flowing through you. And you may feel in those moments that you are eternity too. There is really no waiting. Just be.



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