Captain, My Captain

We’ve been doing this for years.
Our Major Love Prayer.





FIVE is the number of CHANGE. May 25th  Major LOVE Prayer was AWESOME! Could you FEEL it? Let’s do this ONE MORE TIME! Five years since his ascension: June 25, 2014 – ANYWHERE you may “BEE!” Scream, whisper, or just speak your truth with US: “Michael is Innocent. LOVE WINS!”


Today it is 4 years and 11 months since Michael Jackson’s ascension.

Every 25th of the month we’ve prayed for that Major LOVE to Heal the World. And all the while false allegations and new ways to profit from the gift we knew as Michael come flying at us from all directions.

It’s like traveling through a meteor shower of  forces trying to save and destroy you at the same time.

EO Spaceship


On this “day in Michael Jackson History,” or on this day in YOUR history, how do you want to create your day? How do you want to remember it?

There are many things to remember this weekend. For Americans, we celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of  those men and women who died in service to their country. We remember them with gratitude, love and respect.

As Michael’s Soldiers of LOVE we celebrate outreach and service to man and womankind all year long, especially healing this world for our children.

This May 25th I’m going to do something some, probably many  would think of as just goofy,

but I’m going to do it anyway. I’m believing that many others will do it with me. When 2:26 pm PST USA  rolls around, (the chosen time by Michael’s Major Love Prayer Group because that was the time Michael was said to have passed on June 25, 2009) I will give a SHOUT OUT to our Captain.


Captain EO

Another Part of ME


It is a SHOUT OUT to that meteor shower of destruction and pain – it is a call for cease and desist of the LIES and ACCUSATIONS spewed into the world about an innocent man who came to save us from our own suspicious and fearful natures. He asks that we “lay down our shields” of hatred and fear and embrace the INNOCENCE in ourselves, the childlike spirit that will FREE us to believe that goodness and LOVE truly do exist.

Scream it out, whisper it to your own heart, however you wish to convey the depth of your feelings – let the planets know – you are lining up with them to make this world a BRIGHTER and more loving place.

Captain my Captain! 

I wanna see you be BRAVE when you scream out to the world WITH US on JUNE 25th – Wherever you may “BEE:” 

“Michael is Innocent! LOVE WINS.” We all CRY as ONE.

For Truth. For Love. For Innocence. For Michael. For Humanity.

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