Cover for Endymion Oracles: Nina's Story


“At least…tell me your name. Give me something.” She whispered the first words, and then raised her voice in frustration.

“Endymion.” His voice held a smile she could hear.

“Endymion,” Nina repeated in a whisper, feeling as if she had just been handed a gift. “It is a strong name. I like it.”

“Close your eyes.”

“Close my eyes? No! What are you going to do?” Nina was feeling apprehensive again.

“Close your eyes, please.”

She heard a promise of trustworthiness in his voice. She felt silly doing it, but she closed her eyes just the same, placing her hands over them to somehow feel less vulnerable. The moment they closed she saw him in her mind’s eye. He was a young man, possibly three or four years older than she, with deep brown eyes that melted her fears. In his right hand he was holding a stone of an indescribable color. He reached out to give Nina the stone. The stone held within it, a corner of the night sky filled with tiny glittering stars.
Nina reached for it in her mind, and took a hand away from her eyes to grasp the stone in front of her. She gasped in awe to feel it actually touch her fingers, and quickly reached beyond the stone, feeling Endymion’s hand under hers! Her eyes opened suddenly and searched the empty air before her. Nothing. Instead, she found in her hand, the stone that held the sky.

“You’re beautiful…” Nina tried to catch her breath and correct herself before he heard what she had let slip out, “I mean, the stone…it’s beautiful! Thank you…Endymion.” His name was like music to her now, intoxicating and dangerous if he did not feel the same for her.

“I’m so happy you like my gift, Nina.”

“I love it. I just can’t understand why you don’t appear before me…if you are real.”

“I wish I could explain, but it’s not possible at this time.”

“You said that before. Why…why not at this time Endymion?”

She waited. No answer. Minutes passed that seemed to stretch beyond what Nina could stand. Then she felt his breath on her neck again. She closed her eyes and leaned back into his embrace. She could feel his arms around her. She kept her eyes tightly closed, so as not to break the spell he cast. Slowly turning her face toward her shoulder, she let the magic overtake her. Endymion’s lips pressed against the side of her forehead, and in that instant her heart was captured.”


Excerpt from EONS. Endymion Oracles: Nina’s Story

Copyright © June 25, 2011 Heaven Leigh, All Rights Reserved

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