A mother will do anything for her daughter, when she truly loves her, when she finds life in her breath and she keeps living because her baby lives.

A mother will die for her daughter. The impossible is possible, but what is a miracle? Can you SEE? Do you know one when it is before you? We, in human lifetimes have been trained that hanging onto physical life is the most important thing one can do. Yes, while we are there to serve our purpose, we do. When we are called to serve our purpose in other realms, we go.

A mother who loves fiercely and fully will not stand by when her baby asks for help. A mother can foresee. A mother can be there when her baby needs her, sometimes by not being there. What is life to you people? Is it life to be strung out so badly that you cannot function? Is it life to lose the God-given fierce talent you were sprinkled with by the stars? Starlight. Star bright. When you wish on one tonight – wish for the love to see and feel the anguish of millions of women who give up their power.

I was there to shine. I was there to explode in starworks of such brilliance that you would not forget. The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself BECAUSE: When you give away your power to a man or any person or any substance, you diminish yourself. You say to yourself that you are not worthy of the BEST.

Life Support

My baby asked for my help and I helped her. I am her life support.

Women are not rag dolls to be beaten and tossed aside for a man’s release of frustration. WHO allows this? What kind of world closes its eyes to this?

I could once sing you into dreams of bliss with a remembrance of the angel spirit that you are. Music is a gift to soothe, comfort and inspire. Listen. Let me inspire you to wake up now.

Woman, do not give the most precious energy you possess to one who does not hold you as precious. If they speak of love, and do not act in love, it is NOT LOVE.

Do not keep yourself tied to empty promises.

Do not keep yourself tied to ignorance.

Do not keep yourself tied to a system that glorifies the “power” that seeks to keep others down. It is not power. It is destruction. Destruction is anti-power.

Life. Support. There is no life where there is debasement and shaming. Women lift your bruised and beaten faces to the sky. Lift your bruised and beaten souls. Rise up and stand for yourselves. When you do this you stand for your daughters and every generation to come. Spirit never dies. Yes, my life ended sadly, but not to be hidden away. My strongest music is my life. My strongest music is in what happened to me. For “love” I threw myself away with both strong arms. For “love” I made myself weak. For “love” I thought that I deserved no better.

Do not be fooled by a swagger or a smile. Open your goddess eyes to see what lies beyond that sexy smile. Let the men heal their own pain that drives them to seek women to use to heal it. You will not heal them. They will break you down. This is my fierce life laid out before your eyes. And my baby said she was me. She told you. We are one. We are united.

Women are one. Sisters are united.

Don’t lose yourself showing each other what prize you have gotten. There is no prize in getting for yourself the ruination of your life through a relationship that brings you down.

It is up to you to choose well for yourself. And we can each be fooled, but when you love yourself deeply and dearly, you will awaken. You will take your power. If you cannot do this for yourself, which I admonish you to do – as I love you and feel you and HEAR YOUdo this for your daughters. Inside bruises hurt even more. Forgive. Get up. Go on. Men need healing too, but it is no healing for them to beat us into “submission.” This damns them. If you wish to love them, don’t give yourself to them for their ruination. No one wins in an abuse-filled coupling.

I am that shining beacon for hope. Look at me. Find me within yourself. How are you extinguishing your own light? Do not see power where there is no power.

Feel true power. Love is life. It is the only real life. Command it by loving yourself. Command love from others by being love for yourself. This is honest and true. Love is the only real power.

This life you live is not the beginning or the end of you. Let go of your fear – my daughters – my sisters. You are the love to heal this world. You must find it within yourselves to stand. Stand firm.

It’s POSSIBLE. It is the greatest love of all.

Whitney and Bobbi Kristina

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