Children know the answers to healing the world

Children Know the Answers to Healing the World

How do you defend a man whom you have never met in person?

How do you defend a man you have no hope of communicating with face to face in this life? How do you prove the innocence of a dead man? You cannot. You can try. You can LOVE someone you’ve never met. You can believe in someone you’ve never met. But all of your love and belief and loyalty cannot prove one thing, except that you are loving, trusting and loyal. Is there undeniable proof of the innocence of the man we knew as “Michael Jackson?” Many would rather just believe the worst and call it a day. Has the truth of this man been carelessly ignored time and time again? If there is proof, where do we go to find this proof? Actual courtroom documented evidence would surprise those who made up their minds about his character based on tabloid headlines read while standing in line to buy groceries.

Where Would You Go to Find Undeniable Truth?

Truthfully, even if you lived with the man for years, but had not remained at his side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you could not prove with absolute certainty that he did or did not do the things he had been accused of doing, especially since these things are of a behind-closed-doors nature. You certainly cannot convince others that you know unequivocally that this person you never met is innocent of all charges, accusations or insinuations against him.

So why does one try? Why do millions of fans insist that justice be done, not only in a court of law, but also in the minds of the jaded masses who find it more and more challenging to believe in the goodness of anyone or anything?

Why Are We So Hungry for the “Shocking NEW Secrets About…”

We’ve now come to the heart of the matter. We live in a world where many people are suspicious first and trusting never. We have been groomed by newspaper reporters, television reporters and myriads of media outlets which continuously pump “secret,” “scandalous,” “never-before seen,” and “SHOCKING,” headlines into our gossip-hungry brains. Why?

Do we think that our lives are so dull in comparison to celebrities that we must know what color underwear J-Lo is wearing today and who she had a fight with last week, in order for our world to be complete? If we valued our own lives why would we give a crap whether this celeb had broken up with that celeb or what they wore to their one-hundred and fifty thousandth award show?white dress lighting

It is a deep dark shadow coating the taste buds in the western world’s collective mouth that especially salivates at the promise of a former hero being proven to be a secret devil. The mass-consciousness has been trained to seek this out and savor it.

“Nothing so exciting as watching the mighty fall…” seems to be an inner longing tucked away inside a most twisted corner of our mass-consciousness. If we cannot have success, fame and celebrity – why should she or he have it for long? We worship the hero or heroine as she rises, bolstered up on a pedestal of our own creation. Then like the step-sisters clawing at Cinderella’s homemade gown, we shred and pull our heroes mercilessly back to Earth with a “we made you and we can break you,” glint in our collective eye. Nothing gets the take-down ball rolling like one envy-lined accusation.

Buried Alive

The accused is not only pulled to the earth, but quickly buried under it – miles under it if the accusation is heinous enough. The dirt is packed down tight with insinuations, more accusations, headlines, cruel jokes, doctored photos and the tendency of humans to believe the worst about other humans. This has been our training, after all. No one is allowed to shine too brightly or for too long.

How does truth break through the well-worn collective habit of wanting to believe the worst of someone? How does one begin to resurrect the trampled-upon reputation? Can a reputation, once badly tarnished, be clean again and seen as it truly always was? The person can have done nothing of which they have been accused, but a reputation is something that “precedes” them. It goes before one, announcing “Here comes a bad person. Remember what you heard! So what if he’s done a few good things for the world…don’t forget that unspeakable accusation!” – even though he was found not-guilty on all counts in a court of law.

A reputation can be created by the mass consciousness. A reputation can have a life of its own that has little or nothing whatsoever to do with the person or their actions.

Could Hitler and Gandhi Be the Same Person?

Michael’s actions that can easily be proven are often ignored. What value is placed on opening the mass-consciousness to an angelic world of enlightened thought? Heal the World, Earth Song, and his book Dancing the Dream are messages of such great significance to the human consciousness. It would be miraculous if only the human consciousness would listen and learn. If one who worked tirelessly to heal the world for children and spent much of his life caring for the world’s hungry and sick, could by any stretch of the imagination ALSO be one of the world’s most cunning child abusers, then the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story seems trivial in comparison. It seems entirely impossible that a philanthropic gentle healer could coexist in one mind with a diabolical abuser of children. It is like saying that Hitler and Gandhi could be one and the same person. Anyone who truly knew Michael would never believe the accusations. It is quite logical though, that accusers could seek money through lies. That has been done over and over throughout history. That is not an original or outlandish scenario at all.

Gossip girlsShe’s Beautiful. I Hate Her.

Michael was not a craftsman of one of the most diabolical deceits the world has ever seen. He was a person, a person with huge dreams to heal this world, and he got inextricably caught up in the mass consciousness web of human expectations. We have been taught to expect and believe the worst of people, especially if we want a reason to tear someone down who we may believe has been shining too brightly for too long. Adults consciously and subconsciously buy into this cruel thinking every day:

“God, she’s beautiful,” an observer says of an attractive well-dressed passerby.

“Yeah, I hate her…ha ha ha,” the observer’s friend comments back.

They both have a big laugh and drive back home to Bitchville.

We’ve been trained to hate others for having what we do not have, instead of truly being happy and grateful that they are doing well. We often forget that by being genuinely happy for others’ good fortune, we bring that wonderful energy of blessings to ourselves as well. Instead, we often think that if we can somehow make them look worse than us, we will feel “better” about ourselves.

Voilá! Tabloids

It is how humans deal with their most celebrated. It is how we drag them through the mud so that we don’t have to hate them too much for being so beautiful. It is how we create fiction that many hang onto as fact. We create images that have little or nothing to do with the person whose name is used in this degrading-to-all-involved “storytelling.” It stems from the base desire to put others down in order to raise ourselves up. When we realize that what hurts one hurts all, and what blesses one blesses all, we realize that trying to make someone else look bad is damaging to everyone.

Innocence Recognizes Innocence

As an empath and spirit communicator, many have asked me for details about the truth of it all. The spirit world (to which we all belong no matter in what dimension we currently reside) remains silent on such things as “defending” their innocence, giving details about how they died, or in any way engaging in communication based on ego or fear of any kind.

However, I have been encouraged to tell the truth as I feel it – the only proof that spirit deems worthy of explanation.

Jasmine Cake Mommy BelleI learned the deeper truth of Michael’s nature through the eyes of a 2-year-old child. She became bonded to his “Heal the World” song and sang it over and over. After seeing Michael’s Superbowl Halftime show, she was forever enthralled by his message of love and hope. I would often listen to her sing while I was cleaning up around the house. She loved entering Michael’s magical world through this song. She would wear headphones, play the “Dangerous” tape on a small cassette player and sing along with Michael. Her eyes were often closed as she was absorbing the healing words and notes. She believed that she would help to make the world a better place “for you and for me.”

Her eyes would close and squint up in heartfelt love for the words she was singing. Michael’s voice was healing to her soul. She was traveling in his world of cosmic joy and childlike wonder. She sang along with emphasis on “for you and for ME,” as though she was accepting this betterment of the world with open arms. Jazz BabyShe grew up feeling connected to him. He was an example of love and kindness that she rarely saw in others.

The truth of the world is to be found in children.

They know what is important, until we teach them that it is not. They often conform because they think they must conform to our rules in order to survive. They do not conform because they want to.

They know who is beautiful and good, until we tell them they are not. They love themselves fully and sincerely, as healthy-minded people should, until we tell them they are “doing things all wrong.” We teach them what we have been taught. Why? Why do we not let them teach US what they know?

An adult who will not follow the rules that adults say should be followed is known as a misfit. Why must we train our children to be prejudiced, fearful, suspicious and cruel? What have they ever done to us that warrants us ruining their free and loving spirits in this way?

I know that I will never prove to one solitary soul that Michael Jackson never molested children. But the children have undeniably proven to me that they trust Michael’s character, they understand him and they hear his beautiful spirit in their hearts.

He implored us to learn from children, and told us that they hold the secrets of healing this world, because he knew that only in their magical beings can we be reminded of our true nature.
We Can Learn as We Also Teach

Of course we need order and logic in our world. We need to teach our children things to help them be successful and accomplished adults. Following a dream is work. It is wonderful work that is often challenging. We need to equip them for this. Yet we do not do them any favors if we attempt to convince them how hard it is to live in “the real world.” Maybe, just maybe they want to build a NEW “real world,” if we would only let them! Why try to take away their most precious building tools?

Wonder, magic, hope and imagination – these are what they bring again and again to teach us.

Michael remembered these things all of his life. He tried to teach us, yet his heart was ignored by many, judged by more. Some may think him to have been weird, strange, freakish or creepy. In that case, those are the four qualities I most wish to possess.

If “normal” is being suspicious, envious, prejudiced and fearful, then I am so very happy to be weird.
Who’s Scary Now?

In his short film “Ghosts,” Michael told his own life story through a pointed look at prejudice. He asked the question: Who are the scary ones?Michael Jackson from short film "Ghosts"

What is to be feared and what is to be embraced in life? I feel that the truly dangerous are the ones trying to end originality, dreaming and playfulness. I don’t want to live in a world without originality, dreaming and playfulness. Do you?

It is not our life purpose to prove one man’s innocence, but rather to live spirit’s truth. In the living of it is the proof of one’s character – anyone’s character. In the living of the message is the proof of the student having learned well from the teacher. It is not our talent, good looks, or intelligence that qualifies us, but our childlike hearts that make us perfect for the purpose we have chosen. It’s not to be done in the name of only one, but rather as a healing therapy for all humanity through the spirit essence that unites each one of us.

As long as we stand for love – we are fully qualified to live the truth of all spirits. In a child’s heart forever lives the TRUTH of everything. While you love and teach your children well in the how to live, remember to learn the most precious secrets of the why to live from them. Listen to them. See the universe in their eyes. This is Michael’s continuing message that speaks eternally of innocence and hope.

Art & Wisdom of Children - 100% of Author's Proceeds Go To Children's Charities

Art & Wisdom of Children – 100% of Author’s Proceeds Go To Children’s Charities


Stand up for innocence always. A student proves his teacher’s character by living the lessons well.

Live! Go LIVE your life in originality, dreaming and playfulness.

Go! Live! You are LOVED more and more forever…



Happy and Children from Uganda holding their drawings

Children All Over the World Carry On Michael’s Legacy of Love and Hope


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