Just before we are born, God whispers to us…

…of what our life purpose will be. Babies know. Children feel it. As we grow older we often forget. Let the children remind you. Heal Your World for Children lets you listen to that miraculous voice inside your own heart that whispers “Remember the MAGIC of who you truly ARE!”



"The Storyteller" artwork donated by David Nordahl

“The Storyteller” artwork for book cover donated by David Nordahl


This book is to be for children and by children. Every artist is a child with wondrous thoughts of how to truly make this world a BETTER PLACE. It’s time we listen to them – REALLY listen.

Heal Your World for Children has partnered with World Child Cancer U.S. to make this creation a fundraiser in itself. 100% of the profits from this book will go to children’s charities, beginning with World Child Cancer. Your child/children can be part of this magical book to help other children in need.


Picture Courtesy of World Child Cancer

Mabel, Ghana – Courtesy of World Child Cancer


1. We are now accepting artwork submissions from children around the world. The deadline to enter your child’s artwork is set for April 9, 2014, (or until we receive approximately 100 drawings). Scan their drawing to a computer file. Send their drawing file along with their phrase of how they would like to make the world a BETTER PLACE to my email: heaven@intuitivespiritguide.com  Please include the child’s first name only, age and country.

Children & their drawings - from Uganda

2. You can also directly donate to World Child Cancer in honor of Michael Jackson’s work for the world’s children by clicking on the link: Heal Your World for World Child Cancer. All donations submitted from this page go directly to World Child Cancer U.S.

3. You can help by simply SHARING this article on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. Follow Heal Your World on Twitter: @heavenleigh829 In this way you are a powerful force to spread awareness of what World Child Cancer is doing to save lives and improve the quality of children’s lives in low and mid-income countries where many children would otherwise have sub-standard care.

We ask that the artwork be submitted as a file, preferably scanned from your scanner and saved as a file on your computer. This file can then be sent as an attachment in an email to heaven@intuitivespiritguide.com  We would love for you to include a short quote from your child about what he/she wants to do to make this world a BETTER PLACE. This can later be added to your child’s drawing as in the examples below. The drawing itself can convey their message too. Themes for the drawing can include, but are not limited to: children playing, animals, landscapes, rainbows, trees, Earth, and magical creatures. Encourage them to use their beautiful imaginations! Peace, Harmony and LOVE are the inspirational thoughts to inspire them. Below are some examples. These are the first two submissions we got. The children’s sayings are added to their drawing (by us) if there is room for this, or if there is no appropriate place to put the text on their drawing we will put it on a separate page or below their drawing.

Melody, 10 yrs. U.S.A.

Nathan 4 yrs., U.S.A.I have also had people inquire about featuring artwork by their children who have passed from this world. This is a way to honor their lives. We welcome these drawings for Heal Your World for Children. We are all spirits in these human houses, some are with us for a short time. I would LOVE to honor these beautiful artists who left their work to be shining lights of joy for us to treasure.

So remember – looking at the world through a child’s eyes is the best pair of glasses to use. Remember the magic! Listen and they will remind you.

Please submit your child’s artwork and “making the world a better place” sayings SOON,  so that your child can be part of this world-healing book.

It is all for the children. They are our future. They will help us make it a brighter one for them.

Thank you so much, and the children Thank YOU!




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