“She is waiting for you.”

He looked up to say “Thank you,” but the Goddess had gone. The young man he had become looked to be about twenty-one years of age. He felt strong…and tall. He dressed quickly, looking at the tent and hoping not to startle its occupant. As he pushed aside the soft folds of fabric and slowly entered, he could hear Nina breathing softly. Then the breathing suddenly quickened.

“Who’s there?” Nina was startled awake by the faint noises at the tent’s opening. They confirmed her feeling that a powerful presence was approaching. She reached for her bow in the dimly lit room. She had propped it up against the bed, just in case a wild animal should try to enter her room during the night. Hearing no sounds, she slowly crept through the hallway toward the night air.

“Nina, it’s me.” She could not move even if she’d wanted to. Her eyes fought to adjust to the darkness. His voice sounded so familiar, but different, as if what she’d heard before was a mere shadow of his voice. This was fuller, richer and made her heart race with anticipation. As if instinctually, she closed her eyes, wishing with all her heart to see him as he spoke to her. She was devastated when the usual method failed to work.

“I can’t see you,” Nina said, her voice filled with disappointment.

“You can open your eyes.”

Nina breathed in with blissful surprise. She dropped the weapon she carried and ran to his open arms.

“How are you doing this?”

She was joyful to see his face, his eyes, feel the strength of his arms, and the touch of his lips. She wanted to be absorbed by him and feel everything he felt.

“It’s Inana’s doing,” he smiled and kissed her, taking her face in his hands and looking into her eyes with a lover’s smile.

“This is where you live? She brought me to you?” Nina held him tightly.

“She is giving us tonight.”

“Just tonight? No. I can’t lose you again.”

There was something strangely invigorating and deeply exciting about being catapulted into an unknown place and finding the person she most wanted to see. It made Nina a little anxious and light-headed. She was alone with Endymion—alone with the intensity of her feelings for him. Her thoughts whirled into a dizzying froth of emotional and physical longings.

Nina led Endymion through the hall to her room.

He sat on her bed as she leaned toward him undoing the laces on his tunic. His flesh was warm against her hands. She knelt and kissed him, while he pulled her onto the bed beside him. Nina’s nightgown, falling open down the front of the bodice, allowed Endymion’s bare chest to touch hers. The feeling sent them both flying into a world of pure desire. Lips met lips. Fingers slipped together and tightened in a hungry grip. Hands slid softly down legs, between thighs and over breasts. It was wonderful, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted all that he wanted, and when he hesitated to be sure of her comfort, she answered simply by pulling him back onto her, finding in his eyes every reason to say yes. Endymion entered her slowly, gently, after playfully touching and rubbing against her until she wanted him more than she wanted her next breath. She could feel the muscles in his legs and arms trembling. She adored that he was as anxious for her as she was for him. The passing of time went unnoticed.

One soul at home in two bodies—resting in tranquil warmth—found happiness unparalleled. Nina’s fingers moved sweetly over Endymion’s chest. She draped her leg over his, while his arm cradled her neck. She meant to hold onto him and never let go.”

 Excerpt from Chapter 8, Finding the Answers, Nina’s Story

Copyright © June 25, 2011, Heaven Leigh, All Rights Reserved

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