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A rapid succession of clicks can change someone’s life forever. It could be the sound of shots being fired. It could be an urgent message in Morse Code being sent across a wire. It could be the sound of a text being typed into a phone. These clicks sent shivers up the spine like a wave of electricity moving up into the heart as the realization of what was happening moved into the recipient’s consciousness. This was a sacred message.

The phone being used was not with its owner, yet the sounds were clear… click, click, clickclickclick reverberated from the bluetooth speaker as the phone’s owner lay upstairs in bed. The phone lay on the floor in the kitchen. No fingers moved across the keys, yet at 2:22 a.m. February 19, 2015 a message was sent.

The message commanded attention as the person on the receiving end was startled awake by a message he could not decipher. It was in a language totally unfamiliar to him, yet it spoke to his roots, his ancestry and his heart.

“What’s this?” was his sleepy text response to the phone’s owner. He was not prepared for what came next.

“She took my phone!”

For as long as I have been asking to be a channel to help people through messages from spirit, angels, and their loved ones, this is the first time I have been in the presence of a spirit with such determination to convey a message that she sends a text so clear and so perfectly. My husband was on the receiving end of this early morning message. He described the feeling as chilling waves coursing through his body, yet he was not scared. He was astounded. He had been contacted by spirit in a way that few have experienced.

The day before this occurred, I had gone to the home of a new client to do Chakra balancing energy work. I didn’t know this client well, just felt a strong pull to give her a message from spirit. She is also the owner of the phone from which the message was sent.

As has been my journey, I go to someone, they work with me through Skype or phone, or I pull an oracle card from a deck and the messages come pouring through me. The messages are being called to him or her by the person I am working with at the time. The power is theirs. I am the conduit or facilitator.

The moment I stepped into the woman’s home, she began pouring out her story, one she had never told me or my husband before. She’d kept it to herself, possibly thinking we would think she was crazy. She didn’t know me well, as I said before. She knew my husband, and knew of me through him. I have deep respect for spirit and I know what they can do, and what they have done in my life and in others’ lives. I know that they experience feelings as we do, only oftentimes more intensified. Their messages call to everyone who is willing to tune in. I would not have thought my new friend to be crazy. She told me almost as soon as I walked in the door that she wished to leave her house. She wanted to move. It came to me immediately, as I stood in her entryway listening to her… “This home wasn’t built on a burial ground, was it?” I asked, feeling that I already knew the answer.

Yes. It was.

Sacred space had been violated

Photo Portrait of Arapaho woman by William Stinson Soule

Photo Portrait of Arapaho woman by William Stinson Soule

The many details of the spirit’s life who has come to us as an Arapaho woman, I may never know, but I have begun a new leg of my journey deeper into the heart of why I have had an intense fascination with all things Native American. My father and I worked on a project together in 1994. The song I wrote to accompany his portraits is entitled “Unbroken Spirit.” Writing the song opened my spirit to the many injustices perpetrated against the nations of native peoples who were peacefully co-existing and co-creating with Mother Earth and her wild creatures long before foreigners arrived to label them “Indians.”

Click to see "Unbroken Spirit" Video

Click to see “Unbroken Spirit” Video

I had a vivid vision in 2007:

The vision was a brilliant “Angel Michael” leading me to a Native American enclosure where inside I met with my grandmother and we had a beautiful discussion over cornbread and butter as Angel Michael stood guard outside the doorway.

The vision of 2007, of my grandmother, was connecting and overlapping with the spirit in the new client’s home. As I began this leg of my journey I asked for guidance to accomplish with this loving grandmother spirit, what it was that I was meant to do. I will one day write her story to the best of my ability. I will write of the depth of love she felt for her children, the great injustice that was done to her and her family. I will write of the disrespect from modern-day man and what we could learn if we would only listen to wise spirits who are more than willing to teach us.

I love her. She has been calling to me for a very long time. I am so moved, so very honored to meet her in this way, in this moment. I lovingly refer to her as “Grandmother Willow,” like the character in the Disney Pocahontas animated movie. What has been lost would be too brutal for a children’s cartoon. Yet children should understand true history. What if things were made right? What would be fair? Native American Council Offers Amnesty

I pray that what keeps this beautiful spirit determined to make her presence known, will further be revealed to me as I seek to in some way offer peace to her heart. She is pain. She is wisdom. She is love. You will come to know and love her too, if you are willing and open to listen to her story.

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Part 2 is here: Grandmother Spirit’s Sacred Space

Photo by Patty Falcon Bishop

Photo by Patty Falcon Bishop



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