What is Power Magic and How Can You Get It?

Sometimes we have the magic right in our hands, but we are hesitant to use it to its full potential. This is your moment to use your Power Magic to take your power back. How is “Power Magic” different than all of the other magic you’ve heard about? Power Magic proclaims that YOU are the magic wand. Everything else is costumes and props. Costumes and props are fun and help set the mood for our spells, but they are not the heart of our spells or the key to our craft.

Power Magic E.O.N.S.

Does is seem that your magic is not working? This is most likely because you don’t yet trust the power within. You don’t yet know from where the power comes or how it was “lost.” How can you get results? How can you change the world, beginning with your world? How is it possible for this “magickal stuff” to be real?

We all want things we can see, touch, taste and we want to use our powers to make them appear. We want proof. We want results. We should expect this. And we want others to see that our power is real, even if we don’t want to reveal that we are the ones making the magic happen. I understand. I’ve lived it too.

For it to work, you must deeply believe in the reality of our own power. How do you do that? Would you like to know where the doubt came from and release it forever? Does this require years of reading the history of Magick? Does this mean memorizing many spells or the correct way to do them? Should we recite just the right words like TV or movie characters, so that our magic will achieve the desired results? No. Don’t be discouraged by those who tell you such things. You want magic now. To get better at anything takes time and practice, but what you really want is to feel your power now. This leads to everything else you desire.

You Hold the Key

It is your Power Magic. I am here to help you find the key within and unlock your power. Without this, the costumes and props quickly become frustratingly superficial instead of supernatural. I understand the loyalty contract many magical beings have made, to stand with our sisters and brothers throughout the ages, many whose lives were lost in hostile takeovers by men that attempted to extract our magick and build other religions around it. These religions appeared to shame and  replace us, religions that caused us to question our power and introduced crippling  doubt. Do you long to learn how to undo the shame, vanquish the doubt and move stealthily into your true power?

Goddess Inana hand Power Magic

Goddess Inana Blessings

We are magickal beings. We need magickal books complete with hidden messages, fantastical creatures and mystical maidens. Why should we be expected to learn in the conventional way? My inspiration to write fantasy was not only to entertain, but to reach the hearts of magical beings everywhere who are beginning to step into the light with new pride. They long to understand why they feel like misfits in a world gone crazy. They want to change things, but struggle to survive emotionally amidst the madness.

This is why I answered spirit’s call to teach through fantasies infused with Power Magic.

As a child I was mesmerized by stories that taught me things I could use in my everyday life. The more faraway and fantastical they were, the better I liked them. My stories contain more than just fiction, they are filled with Power Magic principles. In the E.O.N.S. series, you will learn exactly how the illusion of power shifted from truly magical beings to religious leaders. They captured the world by attempting to enslave it in invisible chains of guilt and shame. To unlock your Power Magic, you must release these invisible chains and freely embark on your mystical journey. Even if you’ve never been personally involved in a power-crushing religious experience, the air of our world culture is thick with its spell. Our hearts and minds need healing from its negative influences. Nina’s Story, Book One in the E.O.N.S. series, is your entry into Power Magic education through fantasy. Feel free to soak up the Power Magic insights from our beloved Healing Silence Facebook page as well.

Unlock Your Hidden Powers

As you learn of the betrayal that has sought to squelch our power through the ages, you will begin to feel your eternal power coming back to you. It is a power that you never really lost, but one that has been hidden from you. To be truly powerful you must believe in what you are doing. My stories are filled with healing Power Magic principles that teach through images, places and feelings that will take root in your heart. In this way you absorb and never forget the deepest lessons.

Nina Guides You

Nina Guides You

Nina, the seer of the mystical island of Mazin, will be your guide into the origin of your Power Magic and the real tactics used to try to hide and steal it from you. These tactics are alive today and used against you still. You will learn how to shield yourself and walk in victory. Nina’s Story teaches you how to recognize and step into your power once again. It also exposes the tactics used against magical beings so that we can forever avoid them in the future.

A Whole New Way to Look at Your Power

You will grow to know yourself better, engaging your imagination, reaching back through lifetimes of fear and shame. You will feel Nina’s feelings and recognize your own frustrations. You will feel Nina’s victorious spirit as you vicariously experience her struggles, fears and passions. You become her and walk in her footsteps. This way of learning fuses fully present consciousness and past-life regression. It is a story that carries you back to the origins of Magick. It is the most powerful and fun way to learn, internalize and draw from this knowledge indefinitely. Nina’s story is your story. The spirit guides within it are your spirit guides. It is a most magical way to meet them.

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