Children of the World: Your Imagination Changes Your Reality

Sometimes you may feel that the only ones with power are the ones that are getting lots of attention. I wonder. Maybe the ones getting lots of attention are so busy being in the spotlight that they can’t focus as well on the important stuff. If you feel unimportant or unnoticed, as many people do, remember that your power is far greater than just being able to get a lot of followers on Twitter or likes on Facebook. Your imagination can take you to wonderful places of incredible power.

Use your imagination to create the world you wish to live in, as this wonderful quote by Colin Wilson reminds us to do:

Imagination Quote by Colin Wilson

Imagine Your Reality into BEing!

So What Is Your True Power?

Ah, you have many powers! Your smile is powerful. You have the power to choose to be kind, to be thankful and to focus on all of the things that you have to be thankful for. Do you think these powers aren’t really important? You can tell how important they are by seeing what happens in the world when they are not used. Wars are started that take a long time to end. People go without basic needs because other people who have a lot, don’t want to share. Being kind not only makes you stronger, it makes the world stronger. Do you begin to see what a vast amount of power that is?

You Have No Limits

You have the power to encourage someone who may be feeling sad. You can choose not to say something in anger, even if you’re feeling kind of mad. Instead, you can do your best to think about how the other person may be feeling and what kind of day he or she might be having. You can choose to stand up for what you believe in. You can choose to reach out to someone and let them know that their feelings are important. These are amazing powers. Some adults may not be good examples of these powers, but that doesn’t mean that the powers aren’t important. The messes that adults get into when they forget the strength of these powers, prove that using our power for good is indeed very important.

You have the power to respect someone who is different from you, and choose to appreciate and celebrate their differences.You have the power to stand up for their right to be different if someone else makes fun of or bullies them.

See the Power You Possess

You are incredibly powerful. And one of the most amazing things about you is that you can use your power anytime. You don’t need a stage or a spotlight. You don’t need a crowd of screaming fans. You may not be noticed, but your power will be felt. You will make a great difference in this world, and it might even help some people remember how much good they can do when they are kind and loving.

Feel Your Power

Feel that energy welling up inside of you that feels like a warm ball of sunshine in your heart – that is your power for good, for change, for love that heals your soul. That light inside you is eternal energy, your spirit, your will to plant seeds of joy wherever you walk in this world.

This energy for imagining a better world is the idea inside the “Power” song. We can sing it together to remind ourselves and others to use the beauty of our imaginations. Open your minds to create peace, love and light in your world like never before. It is invisible to the eye, but your hearts can see the light in other hearts. You’ve always known it. People can distract you from your power sometimes, but your heart never forgets.

You are a creative spirit whose greatest dreams are of healing the hurt in this world, and in your heart. These hurts have spanned many lifetimes and many cultures. You have come to heal, to learn and to teach. It seems like a job too big for any one person, but when we understand that we just need to do our part, it will not seem so impossible. Being here is such a big part of the healing. Thank you for being here. Imagine every loving being doing their part to heal this world. Imagine all that you can do.

Begin With a Deep Breath

Imagine, feel, breathe in that peace that is glowing in your heart. Children of the world, breathe out love into your room, your classroom, and into everyplace you go. When you smile at someone else, imagine peace flowing from your heart, through your smile, out to your classmates. When you pick up someone’s books if they drop them, or if you offer to help them find their lunch bag if they lose it, you are spreading that powerful peace, light, and love from your heart to theirs. You are using a very magical power. You are healing the world, one act of kindness, one caring word, or one smile at a time. Think of it!

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(Inspired by the King MoonGlow story)


Imagination is my power 

Imagination is my friend

Every day’s another miracle

Imagination never ends


Did you ever think of it

Ever think of it, ever?

Did you ever think of it

Ever think of it?

2nd Verse:

The stars above – they are my sisters

Magic MoonGlow guides their way

Rainbow colors make your dreams come true

The magic all begins with you


Did you ever think of it

Ever think of it, ever?

Did you ever think of it

Ever think of it?


You can fly – fly

You can touch the sky

Fly – fly

You must fly – fly

Spread your wings and tell your fears goodbye – fly


Did you ever think of it

Ever think of it, ever?

Did you ever think of it

Ever think of it?

Ending repeated:

And the sky says peace

Habrá mucha paz

And the sky says love

Habrá tanto amor

And the sky says rise above…

Se puede superar

Imagination is your power


Power © 2016 Heaven Leigh,  (Spanish lyrics by Jasmine Christina)

All Rights Reserved

Heaven and Jasmine Performing Live

Mother/Daughter Duo

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