Welcome to the Magical Land of Skylimitless:

King MoonGlow Illustration © 2016, MoonFeather Studios Artwork by Rose MoonFeather


Introduction to Sea Quinn:

Sneak peek at Baby Sea QuinnSea Quinn is a beautiful, dark-chocolate filly with a flowing white mane and tail. She lost her mother when Sea Quinn was small, yet she still feels her mother’s presence and tries to listen for her comforting wisdom. Her mother’s love guides Sea Quinn through a life of struggle.

“Quinn” lives with her Aunt Persnickety, who doesn’t have the gentle touch that Quinn’s mother had, but tries her best to care for Quinn, bringing the orphaned filly into her lovely home.

Persnickety continues to keep a secret from Quinn, that is hurting more than helping her, and because Quinn  misses her mother so much, she is inspired to reach out to the King of Skylimitless. He is a wise and powerful stallion named MoonGlow. She dearly hopes he can help to answer her questions about what really happened to her mother. She is shy and worried, but bravely calls upon King MoonGlow in spite of her fears. His answer to Quinn will make your heart soar.

Introduction to Aunt Persnickety:

Aunt Persnickety  in magical King MoonGlow book

Aunt Persnickety is Sea Quinn’s mother’s sister. She cares about Quinn, but doesn’t know how to show it very well. She is a bit resentful that her sister Elyana (Quinn’s mother) disappeared and left Quinn by herself. Even though she preferred to live alone, Aunt Persnickety took Quinn into her home at Four Tree Cottage. Though she is not as kind as Quinn’s mother was, she does continue to make sure that Quinn wears the metal plates that Elyana always insisted were helping to straighten Quinn’s crooked back. When Quinn seeks King MoonGlow’s help to discover what happened to her mother, she keeps all of this a secret from her grumpy aunt, fearing that if she found out she would try to stop her.

King MoonGlow’s Power

King MoonGlow’s mystical powers fill readers with a sense of peace and wonder. His “Sky’s the Limit,” motto is really true, even when he sometimes needs help remembering it. This book is inspiring for those who need comfort after losing a loved one, help with self-esteem, or the faith to believe in their own power again. It is a wonderfully healing story for children of all ages. This magical book will have you looking to the stars to see if you can catch a glimpse of King MoonGlow’s glittery mane as he leaps and dances, reminding you always to use the power of your imagination to embrace your fondest dreams!

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