Heaven Leigh


We say “We are sisters.”

There is power in words

We are from the same mother

It is her call we’ve heard

We are from the same father

A heart so sublime

For Earth is our mother

Our father is Time


Mother cries, “Rise Above!”

You are LOVE

You are POWER

Father sings to remind:

“This is your finest hour.”

Build your own castle

Wear your own crown

You’ve NO TIME for the grabbers

Who seek to tear down


We claim to be sisters

Let the sisterhood glow

Hope burning brighter

The further we go 

We stand on Earth’s shores

In Time’s oceans we swim

Let us dance in the waters

Beaming light from within


We listen to sisters

Whose hearts must be heard

Protecting each other

From a cruel careless world

Mother Earth cries in horror

Choruses of “Me Too”

Father Time says “Time’s Up”

The baton goes to you


Now the journey is a race

No more fear of their lies

For we know we are sisters

Guardians of the tribe

So we stand down the fear

And we march with the sun

We conspire with the moon

When our plans are undone


Rise up – Starlight Sisters!

Take your place in the skies

Run with the Goddess

Of the wild silent eyes

Feed hungry children

Not just food, but with truth

That we end the injustice

Suffered long in their youth


She weeps for injustice

But she rises again

There is no stronger warrior

There is no fiercer friend

Lifting up with her passion

Giving gifts to inspire

Sister Earth moves the mountains

Sister Time lights the FIRE


Copyright January 21, 2014 © Heaven Leigh


Power of Sisters fire

Photo by Patty Falcon Bishop

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