Michael LOVE card combines words to be MichaeLOVE

Michael is love = MichaeLOVE

Michael Began Sending Clear Messages

…eight years ago, soon after June 25, 2009. It felt like a most important job for which I was being commissioned. It started with handwritten messages. Sometimes I would write them out early in the morning, as the urgency of the messages woke me hours before I had planned to arise. I kept paper and pen by my bedside. I later copied many of these messages into blog form. Previously in my life I had received personal spirit messages, but never before ones that I felt so strongly compelled to share with others.

These messages from Michael came so fluidly, so quickly and so often, over a period of a few years.  I came to feel that they would be best shared in book form. The messages he shared in his book Dancing the Dream are full of love and wisdom, giving us glimpses of the spirit worlds that we come from and return to.

Some have said that Angel Michael Oracles feels like a continuation of his thoughts and feelings from Dancing the Dream.

The Messages Are Timeless

They address many things occurring right now in world events. They are healing, calming words, answering age-old questions and offering hope where there may seem to be no hope. I believe these words are needed now more than ever.

Angel Michael with banner

If you believe in a higher power at all, who do you think made the different ways of being? Trying to change someone’s way of being, rather than making the person “more Godly,” may be defying the natural beauty that was put there by God.

And yet, instead of opening to learn – you often close and cling desperately to ancient ideas that were set in motion by men afraid of losing their political power. So they made rules, told stories, and demanded attention.

God is much quieter than that. God just IS.

If your adherence to ways of hate and judgment and “destroy who is different” are working for you to create the loving world you so long for – why are you so angry? Where is this lovely world with only one right way of being?

It is not different ways of being that destroy the majority. Beloved traditions are not destroyed by allowing other traditions to be created. All are enhanced by acceptance and mutual respect. It is the majority’s hatred for those who are different that brings internal destruction and outward ruin.

What shall be the best measure of an ancient book? How does one decide where the truth is? LOVE. Love must be the ultimate measuring stick.

~Excerpt from Angel Michael Oracles book

Angel Michael Oracles

New Edition

Essays and Poems

Angel Michael Oracles are essays and poems on poignant subjects that we often wonder about. Michael’s spirit speaks of many things to which we may not have given much thought until his spirit voice flooded into our consciousness.

There are harmonizing souls. There are endless spiritual notes resonating in love, each one of indescribable value. Spirit speaks from heart to heart. I feel very blessed to have had the experience of hearing and compiling these messages to share with you. I pray that the messages bless you too.

Much love and many blessings to you,

Heaven Leigh


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