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Michael & The Moon by Mimi O’Garren

Luna by Day

“She took Michael’s hand firmly, and led him through the damp, muggy alleyway. Luna couldn’t stop shivering, despite the warm night air.

“Hurry,” she hastily spoke as she rushed Michael to a broken-down apartment building.


“This is where you’re hiding?” He was repulsed by the sight of it. There were old shards of beer bottles in the gutter. Crumpled newspaper pages rustled across the street, and thick cobwebs clung to the dim musty light over the door.

“Don’t be afraid. The inside is much better!” Luna coaxed him to climb the few steps to the scratched and dented metal door of her apartment building.

“It looks awful. Let me take you somewhere else,” Michael offered.

“You’re in my world, Sweetheart. You followed me…remember?”

“Yes. I remember. I can’t go back to mine, unless…”

“Unless we “collaborate” again…” Luna bit her lip and grinned. Michael giggled softly and gave her a smile that melted her heart.

“Yes! You understand now,” he said victoriously.

“…that you would never take the other option?” Luna asked already knowing his answer.

“I love you too much.” His last three words trailed off into a shy whisper.

“You keep proving that, don’t you,” Luna sighed.

“I can’t help it.” Michael looked down at his shoes, then back up to the grungy metal door they were about to open. “This place really is bad. How can you live here?”

“Appearances can be deceiving, Michael.” Luna put her hand near, but not on the dirt-encrusted doorknob. A sprinkle of glittering moon-dust floated from her long fragile fingers to hover near the door. Its shimmering light left the doorknob sparkling clean. The door slowly opened on its own.

“This is better?” Michael coughed as he spoke. The hallway lined with doors probably leading to unspeakably wretched rooms, was the ugliest he’d ever seen. He could smell the moldy carpets. “I can’t let you go in there. You’ve got to be kidding, Luna!”

“The piano is in my room. We’ve got to go in there.”

Something in those eyes convinced him to step past the doorway. As they walked through, toward room number 428, the hallway seemed to stretch out before them like something from a horror movie. More doors began appearing than he had first seen. Michael felt dizzy. Doors on each side began to open as they passed. Children would appear in the doorways with their hands out to him, but when Michael stopped to greet them, they disappeared.

“They look hungry,” Michael said, concern filling his voice.

“Yes…images of those you will help.”

“There are so many.”

“Just feel the music starting inside you. That’s all you need to do.”

“I remember.”

“This is it, my sweet friend,” Luna breathed out the words as she stopped in front of a worn and faded red door that boasted the number 428. The thin black metal “2” in the middle, was crooked, and barely hanging on.

“I hate this place, but I understand what it means. They live like this – so many in my world. I have to change that.”

“You will Michael. No matter what happens tonight…I mean if anything should go wrong…your love will still help them.”

Luna lifted both hands this time, and sent the silvery dust toward the red door, as if she was sending it love. Her fingers flexed in and out in quick rhythmic bursts. Michael was mesmerized by the movement of her hands, and began imitating her.

“You’re so cute, Michael,” she giggled.

As the door began to open, he bent down to kiss her. Their embrace sent more shivers through her body. A mystical blue light poured out from behind the door until the door, now golden, was standing open before them. Michael, surprised by the brightness, blinked and looked in awe into the luminous room. In the middle of the room, stood a white shimmering grand piano. As Michael stared at it, Luna lovingly ran her hand over his back. She adored his enthusiasm.

“This is better! I wish everyone could have a room like this!” Michael gushed, and took her hand, anxiously leading her into the miraculous room.

Once inside, Michael pulled Luna close to him and hungrily kissed her neck. She melted under his kisses and pulled him in to her body more tightly. It wasn’t possible to get close enough. She could hardly breathe—she was so enmeshed in his passion.”


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Excerpt from MichaeLuna, Illustrated Magical Romance

Copyright © April 3, 2013, Heaven Leigh, All Rights Reserved

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