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Unbroken Spirit

In This Life We Carry All Lifetimes

Spirit speaks through us as we allow her to. We are spirit.

In Nemetona: Sacred Space I shared one of the most profound experiences of my life. It is still unfolding. It is sacred to share. It is also sacred to protect. Have you ever experienced something in your life that you can’t wait to share with others, yet you also wish to keep it private – just for you? Like a baby, protected in the womb where no one can hurt and no eyes can see, your secrets are still alive and still infinitely important if only you know of their exquisite beauty.

How do you know when or if the time is right to bring this child out into the light where hurt can find him and greed can destroy his dreams? The time always comes. Birth. Nine months. Three times three we wait, we nurture, we feel this beautiful life growing within us until it is time to bring it forth. We separate, yet we are never separate. It is this way with our stories. To live, they must be told, yet they remain part of us as they become a part of many. They begin to walk, run and fly. They begin to prick minds and heal hearts. They must be told in order to fulfill their purpose.

There are many ways to tell a story. I’m not a journalist, and yet I will share facts as they are revealed. I am a storyteller, a lover of “fantasy,” which is often the deepest truth hidden within reality. When you are willing to live your dreams, they will be happy to teach you the deeper magic. People wish to follow their dreams. Chasing dreams can be like chasing chickens while they are running here and there, scattering through the barnyard with feathers flying. As you tire of chasing them, you stop and realize that all you are left with are feathers at your feet.  I understand this well. I grew up on a farm with chickens.

What Are Your Dreams? Have They Been Stolen?

On February 18, 2015 I was summoned to a house by a beautiful spirit who I had heard calling to me for decades, possibly lifetimes. I didn’t consciously know she would meet me in this house. I just knew that my Native American visions and connections were leading to a meeting one day. I didn’t know that she not only had a message for the homeowner, but also one for me. I cannot believe that the message is only for a few. This is why I share, but I share with great respect for the sacredness. I also know that this message has been given and ignored many, many times. In searching for the meaning in her recent message to humans still on Earth, I began to research the Arapaho people to find if this date of our meeting, the one on which I entered her sacred space, had any historical significance to her.

Grandmother Spirit came to us with a message in the Arapaho language, perfectly spelled, accented and dramatically sent through a phone text at 2:22 A.M. This occurred the morning after our meeting on the eighteenth of February in “the year of our Lord” two-thousand and fifteen.

222 message The phone where the message originated, I later learned, had been so electrified by spirit’s power that it dumbfounded the cell phone repairmen. The “motherboard” was fried…melted by her message. It cost the phone’s owner over $700 to repair the damage. I’m glad the owner didn’t throw the phone away. If it were my phone it would be forever sacred to me. A message of Mother Earth was sent through it. It would undoubtedly seem scary if your phone was being moved through your house and you began hearing a message as it was reverberating through a Jawbone Bluetooth speaker in a chilling succession of rapid clicks. The message itself is meant to heal, to warn, to empower people of Earth to OPEN THEIR EYES and ears to a profound suffering. The message is infinitely sacred. It was sent to a loving person, my husband, who is also of Native American descent.

It is a great honor to be chosen as a custodian of this message. It is an honor to have one’s phone commandeered for such a mission, though it is easy to understand why it might not be seen in that way by the phone’s owner. This fierce and loving Earth Mother spirit is not angry with vengeance, but determined in love – the greatest power there is – to proclaim her message to the world.

She Has Proclaimed This Message Over and Over for Eons. Who Will Listen?

On February 18, 1861 a peace treaty was signed between the U.S. Government and the Arapaho and Cheyenne Nations. The people who had cared for Earth, her human children, her animal children and her plant children, had honored the sacred land. They were to be displaced, moved from their home to a prescribed place where they were to stay – out of the way of government plans for the land. This uprooting and reserving was a RE-serving of those who were blind to their sacred service already given, and deaf to their sacred songs already sung. The treaty was fashioned to damn to a life of poverty the very ones who were most needed as caretakers of the land from which they were being exiled.

Who would steal a hospital and force all of the doctors out? Whoever would be ignorant enough to do this, would be left with a building full of the sick and dying with no one possessing the skill and training to help. What happens to the sick when the healers are gone? What happens to Mother Earth, her animal children, her plant children and humans? What happens when the teachers are evicted from the school of life? What happens when the golden egg is greedily snatched and the goose is tormented into silence?

It was 154 years to the day, after the signing of that treaty, that I was invited by Grandmother Spirit to a house that most people would not recognize as a sacred space. It is a very plain and ordinary small house, but like the chalice of Christ, it is the power contained within that matters, not outward ornamentation. The treaty with Arapaho and Cheyenne Nations was ratified on August 6, 1861, exactly 101 years before my birth date.

Grandmother Spirit comes to me like a weeping willow tree who is weary, but once again waking to share her urgent message. I believe she wished to mark that day. Her people were forcibly uprooted. Yet her roots are everlasting wisdom. As Mother Earth cries out in pain, Grandmother Spirit can never be silenced. It is like spitting insults at a hurricane to try to ignore the power that is speaking to us.

Injustice is temporary. Beauty is eternal. What man destroys through ignorance will be his ultimate undoing. She has given us many chances. We have ignored her. Now. It is all we have.

Nemetona Sacred Space

I Had Not Been Told That a Spirit Had Been Seen in the House

Before I arrived at the house on February 18, I had not been told that a spirit had been seen there. I had not been told (by the homeowner) of the spirit’s presence there at all. I knew that a spirit had a message for her that I was to relay, but I didn’t know she had already seen the spirit whose message I was to give.

I had just undergone a surgical procedure the day before this meeting, and the meeting with the homeowner was to be her first chakra balancing session and angel guidance reading. The night after my medical procedure, I was very sore. I wanted to rest. I was in pain and using a heated rice pack on my abdomen in order to walk more comfortably. I didn’t want to go anywhere the next morning, but I felt led to reach out to this person, the homeowner, who seemed to need my help. In my teen years I learned that it is not only spirits in human form that need help, but also spirits in other realms may call on us for assistance.

For a few months it had seemed that I was being told to give this woman a message from a spirit – a specific spirit who urgently needed her to understand something. After sending texts back and forth on our cell phones, (the woman and I, not Grandmother Spirit and I – yet) I made an appointment to go to her house the next morning at 10 A.M. She agreed. I hoped my abdomen would not be feeling as sore the next day. As you can read in the first part of this series , I also had no idea that it was a spirit who had lived a Native American lifetime. We are all spirit, but we sense spirits in other realms a bit differently than those we easily see walking around and breathing while here on Earth.

The homeowner began to speak about the spirit, almost immediately as I walked into the house. She explained that I was standing in exactly the same place that the spirit of the woman had appeared to her. I was not scared. I listened. I was taking it all in, feeling that my purpose there was finally being revealed. As we proceeded to the chakra balancing ceremony, I began to play healing music in the background. The music I chose was created specifically for chakra work: Grace and Gratitude. I didn’t choose the music for this reason, I simply love the feeling of peace that washes through me when I listen. I’ve seen this happen for my clients as well, so it has become one of my favorites. Grace and Gratitude is woven through with sacred Native American music and themes. I was once blessed to meet Olivia Newton-John and loved her spirit,  beautiful and pure. The music was perfect – more than I’d realized. I won’t share details of the chakra work, because these times are private. What needs to be conveyed here is the message of agreement that spirit wished to give. The woman wished to move from the house. The spirit agreed that this was a good decision; the sooner the better. After our angel guidance time, I left the house around 12 P.M. Just before I left, the woman wanted to give me a gift for my help. She noticed my music was played on a Bose player that was a few years old and rather awkward compared to today’s high-tech toys. She gave me a Jawbone Bluetooth speaker, the twin of one that she had purchased recently. I thanked her, not realizing how valuable it was, exactly how it worked, or how amazingly significant the gift would soon be.

Jawbone Bluetooth Speaker Jambox

There is a Way

As the day wore on, my husband, whose ancestors are Native American, had an appointment to meet with the homeowner regarding business, but as on so many other previous days, this day she was also distracted by other things, and it was late by the time she returned to her house. It was to be another delay of their business transaction. This delay was to be very different from all previous delays. This was to be the last time the homeowner would spend the night in that house. She began to hear sounds, voices as she was preparing for sleep. When she did finally fall asleep, she was soon startled awake with rapid clicking sounds coming from her Jawbone Bluetooth speaker. Her phone, still connected to the speaker, had been taken by the spirit to send a message of great importance. My husband’s phone received this message at 2:22 A.M., February 19th.

You can imagine how disoriented you would feel if you were awakened in this way and your phone was not beside you where you left it. She raced down the stairs to see the cell phone lying on the floor next to her table, very near the place where I had been standing the previous morning. This was very near the kitchen. The kitchen was built over the sacred space where three skeletons had been discovered. The owner had begun to do research about her home before I met with her. She had shared these findings with me. She had tried to discover why a spirit was in the house. Building had been halted while the bones were removed. Then building had been resumed. The bones were reported to have been of 2 women and an infant. The homeowner had found no information on what had been done with these sacred human remains.

When she found her cell phone it was still glowing brightly, as your phone does when you have just sent a text, only this text was not sent by a human hand. This text was sent by a fierce and beautiful spirit, full of sadness, full of pain, and determined to be heard. Yet she is not a figure of vengeance and she will not be a subject of sensationalism for gain. When her story is told, children will benefit – Native American children like hers, generations who have come from her will benefit from the telling of her story. In a broader sense, it is hoped that Mother Earth will benefit from her story, for if Mother Earth is ignored, soon no one will be left to ignore her.

I would never go into this sacred space to “clear” it. I would never ask Grandmother Spirit to leave so that humans could be more comfortable in a house that was built on her children’s graves. I do wish and send her peace with all my being.

She can go wherever she wishes. I feel her with me always. She has been calling to me for lifetimes. She has been calling to you too. She speaks of great love, great hurt and of many broken promises. We will never know all of her secrets, but we do know that her suffering has been great – not only in grieving for her children – but in a mourning song for all the children of the world.

A Native American grandmother and child drawn by my father, James R. Griffin in 1994

Drawn by my father, James R. Griffin, 1994

Conscious people speak of “the awakening.” They speak of those who have gone before us and bless them to “Rest in Peace.” I wonder who will save Mother Earth when the humans are gone because they remained asleep until the planet was too damaged to support life any longer. She would likely heal and be healthier without us. She doesn’t need us. We need her. She has much to teach us when we listen. I wonder if enough of us will open our eyes before it is too late. The children are telling us. The spirits are telling us. Will we listen?

The part of Grandmother Spirit’s sacred message that I hear over and over is:

“hoowoto’ oonoo” – “I am awake.”

Photo by Patty Falcon Bishop

Photo by Patty Falcon Bishop

English translation of Grandmother spirit’s message:

“I have arrived at home (to find) death (of my) child. I am always sad. (I am) spirit. I am waking up. I am awake.”

hohou hii3tone3en

“I am thanking her.”


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