Sunflower Candle Life can be such a bumpy buggy ride.

I’m learning that the best way for me to survive is to slow my reaction time when it comes to deciding what is meant by circumstances or twists and turns in relationships. Endings. Beginnings. Happiness for me, seems to be comprised of learning to find a way of looking at every circumstance or relationship through the clear lens of “What can I learn from this?” as well as the fun lens of “What would babies do?”

It seems much more life-advancing than “Why is this happening to me?” I’ve tried W.I.T.H.T.M. That looks a bit like “WITH TIME.”

Why is this happening to me –  cannot be understood immediately. With time, and a perspective of “What can I learn from this?” your life-purpose can zoooooom ahead no matter what is happening around you – or who is loving you, ignoring you, leaving you, or mad at you.

The hardest way to ride through life’s bumps seems to be a “What did I do to deserve this?” perspective.

You are calling in so many ways of learning, shaping, connecting more deeply with your purpose and with your personal optimal euphoria-zone. What you “did to deserve this” is to decide to live as a human for a time, or many times, as we often perceive this journey we’re on. Maybe in our craving for more and more education, we forget the most important knowledge that we were born with. Babies know.

baby smile

O.N.E. – Optimal Never-ending Euphoria – I believe this is what God, Goddess, Source, The Universe, or your favorite way to describe the ONE consciousness that we find our being in, IS. Everything we experience here in these human houses on our beloved sphere of sights, sounds, smells, touches and the musical tones of Earth-life that swim through our senses, is to bring us to this place of Optimal Never-ending Euphoria. Our spirits are MADE of the stuff. The more you tune into your Source, the more you will awaken to this.

We’re guided down here, up here, or over here by LOVE, love that flows to and through us constantly. Why do you think you are drawn to babies’ smiles, giggles and playfulness? Would you ever be afraid to hold a baby because the baby may just be using you? Maybe the baby has ulterior motives. Maybe that baby’s smiles are not genuine, can’t be trusted… I better not give my heart to that baby. He’ll just take my love and then smile at somebody else.

It may be a little humorous when you look at our relationships that way.

We’ve been trained to put certain constraints on each other, certain rules, certain expectations.

What if we could love each other more like babies?

Some people seem to have a lot of the characteristics of babies that are not so attractive in adults. Screaming to get what they want, spitting up all over your dreams…maybe?

Babies have to scream to get what they need because they are more physically helpless than adults. When you scream to get what you want, and you are able to get it for yourself, then you are perceived as being “a big baby.” That’s not what we’re going for.

But the way babies give love – smiles, laughter, infectious joy that attracts everyone to the Baby-LOVE within – this IS what we’re going for.

A new teacher, Elijah Ray just shared the concept with me and many beautiful Star Babies, of caring for ourselves like we would a newborn baby. I hadn’t thought of this in just that way before. I am a huge advocate for retrieving self-esteem that others may have unwittingly tried to take from you, or that you may have unknowingly surrendered. But I hadn’t thought of giving myself the pure and poignant nurturing adoration that I gave my baby girl when she was born. Wouldn’t that be kind of silly – loving myself THAT much?

Even before she was born, I tuned into her spirit so deeply. If I was upset, angry, nervous or scared about something, I consciously brought my mind to a place of “how is this affecting YOU, sweet little baby that I’m carrying in my body?” I treated myself better in general while pregnant, because I so loved the baby growing inside of me. I wanted the best, most beautiful, comfortable and safe environment for her that was possible for me to give.

Mother and daughter

Precious Baby

I talked to her spirit within me. I read her stories. I sang to her. It was the same when I was pregnant with my son. I was terribly sick during both pregnancies, yet I deeply loved the time of bonding with these spirits that had chosen to live with me. I was connected with love, with nurturing my body to ensure their optimal never-ending euphoria. We want this for our children.

As a mother it is so easy to mother everyone you love. Even if we don’t have biological children in this lifetime, we may be connecting to our maternal instincts, feelings of caring for a whole planet of people. Men have this capacity too, but many have had it nearly trained out of them – or been compelled to push it deep down inside in order to conform to society’s expectations.

Babies seem to be saying with their eyes, “I’m cute, I’m adorable, I love being here, and I am full of magical euphoria! Everyone wants to be around me and everyone wants to BE me.” They understand the O.N.E. that we are. They came from the happy oneness, feeling thoroughly loved, the universal mother-womb of peace and total acceptance. Some of us are fighting so hard to get back there that we forget we brought it with us.

Inside, deep inside, this is your home. In your personal “love note” to yourself, that can sound like “ommmmm…” a tone that feels like yours, maybe something that you hum to yourself like a lullaby. Within you is the depth of the consciousness of O.N.E.: Optimal Never-ending Euphoria. It is your birthright, Star Baby of many births.

Thank you to Elijah Ray and The Band of Light for bringing up these thoughts in me, for reminding me that self-care should be no less loving than the glowing, giggling, pure and unguarded LOVE you would give to a sweet and innocent baby.

You may have been taught that your nature is less-than perfect, that you need someone or something to forgive you for being human.

We don’t always treat others with the respect, care and love they deserve. We apologize. We keep moving and learning how to better relate to all of these cosmic love-babies that show up in our lives. We don’t always approach relationships with all the wisdom available to us. Life is about constant adjustments. We modify, we adjust and we remember that we are creating our lives, our world, by beaming out the LOVE this world is hungry for – one moment at a time. Others show up to teach us what kinds of adjustments we need. We’re teaching them as well, whether we realize it or not.

mama lion baby

“Come on, Sweetheart! You can do it. Mommy’s right here….that’s it… pick yourself back up. Awww. It’s okay if you fall. It’s part of walking.”

Love, patience and self-talk that bathes you in adoration for yourself – like you would have for a baby, this will put you on a new path to magnificent growth. This will take you far beyond your best dreams of being loved and cared for in just the LOVE language that most eloquently speaks to your deepest needs and desires.

YOU know what you need better than anyone else does. When you begin to GIVE this pure and radiant love to yourself first, you will be filled with love for the O.N.E. around you. Everyone will seem more lovable. And when you encounter those who just don’t know how to love themselves very well, you’ll smile warmly. You understand. They will get it. Your smile will help.

“That’s wonderful Honey! You’ve got it! You’re walking! You’re dancing – sweet baby…”

Let’s do a baby dance of love that makes the whole world giggle.

Baby smiles!

Baby smiles!

You are beauty and eternity within. You are LOVE and you are so very loved.


Copyright 2014, Heaven Leigh


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