Sign Dynamics

We may all have our favorite types of signs from spirit. Mine often include numbers. The numbers correlate with loved ones’ birthdays. As an example, I’m writing this on March 14, 2016. Maybe it’s your birthday or belongs to someone you know and love. An American abbreviation for the date would be 3/14/16. If an ascended loved one’s birthday was 3/14, their spirit might likely send you this number often. What the sign means can be deciphered by how you feel at the instant you receive it. Many times I have felt a sad longing followed by a strong wave of knowing I’m safe, loved and understood. We miss the physical presence of our loved one, but the spiritual relationship can actually be much closer. Much of the time I will see 409 or 439 on license plates in front of me as I’m driving from place to place. I am drawn to look at the time quite often at 4:39. I see the date 4/9 on groceries as I’m putting them in my cupboard. I don’t usually look closely for dates on groceries while at the store, other than perishables. I choose the items I need and when I get home I see many with familiar numbers lined up in an order that is meaningful to me. These special-to-me numbers show up a lot, in many ways. My father’s birthday was April 9, 1939. Often I’ve been thinking of him or asking him a question just before the numbers appear. The last two digits of my phone number are 49, which I paid no attention to (in reference to his birthday numbers) before he ascended on July 5, 2011.

Dad's logo on van

My Dad’s Business Logo in the 1980’s

It is quite fun to find correspondences in this literal sign on the side of his business vehicle. He designed and installed artistically unique painted signs for businesses in the Southern California communities in and around Pasadena in the late ’70’s through the mid ’80’s. Interestingly, the area code we lived in at the time was “818” which also represents the dates of my children’s births and the order in which they were born, 8 and 18. My children were born in the 1990’s. The symbol of my astrological sign is Leo (the lion), but the design on the side of the van was not intended to necessarily correspond with Leo. It is meaningful for me now, because I can see the correspondence plainly. This was one of a few designs my father did for his business. The family name is Griffin, which is represented by the half lion/half eagle mythological creature. He was highlighting the lion half of the family namesake in this design.

Numbers correspond to dates, times and so many other things that can open a new world to you through spirit communication. Once you start, you see the signs everywhere. It is a matter of unlocking the language. I’ve studied numerology theories as well as formulated my own definitions of numbers based on what I personally feel from them. The point is not to go on an eternal number hunt, but to recognize when signs appear effortlessly in front of you. At times they do point to answers for your external path, but I’ve found that the most meaningful part of this journey with numbers is to absorb the fact that spiritual beings who love you deeply are communicating to you that they love you and are with you forever.

Internal Signs

The greatest path to Power Magic is to recognize that the path is much more of an internal than an external one. The long and winding road you walk on Earth is fully manifested by the eternal path inside you, the one you created. You manifested your life here in order to exercise your power along the internal path, to grow, to learn, to experiment in this lifetime. It is all about that internal path. The things you do are designed

Signs and wonders on your internal path

Imagine Your Internal Path

to help you most meaningfully correspond your external back to your internal. The external situations and circumstances come and go, but you are forever on your internal path. Your internal path is the baby. Your external path is the bathwater. The relationships you build are the lasting elements. And if relationships seem to go badly on your external path, it doesn’t mean they have “failed.” Everyone you’ve met, you needed to meet. Every relationship enhances your internal path in some way, no matter how unimportant it may seem at the moment. Your internal path guides are constantly with you, spirits who know and adore you. They have no limitations. They teach in many ways as they remind you. You, like them, have no limitations. They can do things to bring you to the realization that time and space (external path) are illusions that must not intimidate you, no matter how long it seems to take to reach your outward path destination.

Here are some other number signs to look for: doubled or tripled numbers feel fantastic! In working with them, my personal favorites have become 222,333 and 444. 222 has come to mean, “Don’t worry. Everything is happening for good reason and it will all turn out fine.” It is also connected to loving, protective energy. I smile with any tripled or quadrupled number patterns. They feel like symbols of the kindest spirits reaching out to assure you that they are here, watching, helping, guiding. I once felt that a certain spirit was reaching out to me with a certain number. Later, when driving down the street where this person had once lived, I found that the number was on a prominent sign at the end of the street, corresponding with the addresses of the homes. It was an “on the street where you live,” moment that felt as if the spirit had brought me right there to show me the (literal) sign. It reinforced the number as a message from the one I had felt it to be from.

Some numbers keep going and going, and take you on a journey that has many layers. For me, it has become far more specific than life path numbers, but it started there and grew. Going back to the story flow from the beginning of this Power Magic series, in my experiences with my husband’s business partner at the time, there were signs from spirit that strongly included numbers, internal knowing, (claircognizance) as well as clairsentience (clear feeling). For months of 2015 my stomach was tied up in knots throughout the days and weeks that we chose to wait for payment that never came. We had been told that the new job and money to follow was to be a great blessing for our family. Payment was held back for so long that it was becoming a great hardship instead, one that felt it would end in financial disaster. At the same time, this so-called business partner kept coming up with more and more fantastical excuses for why she couldn’t pay the promised sum. Suddenly there were outrageous health issues, compounded by stories (real or imagined) of being stalked. All of these were used as reasons to put off payment.

Black wolf and Karma

I Felt Like This

In addition to other work he was not being compensated for, she was pulling my husband into a non-paid pseudo-bodyguard job that I found extremely bizarre. I’d known my husband to go out of his way for people at times, but this was weird. I knew that he wanted to make good on the promises he’d made to us, based on the promises she’d made to him, so he put up with unheard of abuse in order to hang on to what seemed to be a lucrative deal. But it wasn’t materializing.

A spirit that revealed herself to me as protective and fierce, came through over and over, telling me that I needed to act. I may have been sidelined as a frustrated onlooker by the other “players in this game,” but this powerful spirit kept telling me, through claircognizance and clairsentience, that I was a key to resolving this gut-churning game my family was unwittingly caught up in. And the ones who thought they were calling the shots had no idea who they were dealing with.

As I began my Chakra clearing for the woman whose home I had been led to by my protective spirit, (See “Spirits and Power Magic” blog entry for previous part) I felt the woman’s spirit right by the couch on which the business partner woman was reclining. The business partner, who owned the house, started opening up to me about wanting to move because of the spirit residing there, as well as all of the crazy things that had been happening to her since moving into the house. I truly empathized with her.  She was terrified of the spirit that presented herself as a Native American matriarch. I didn’t feel the same and I let her know that it was not a frightening spirit. I felt the spirit as a cool refreshing presence – not at all one to be feared. As I used my pendulum to clear each Chakra center, the woman’s energy was erratic. The pendulum spun every which way but in a calm clockwise circle, as is the goal. I often felt a tug on the pendulum in the direction of the kitchen. I felt that the spirit woman was guiding me through every movement. At one point I brought out the carved coyote and cactus symbols and placed them in the woman’s hands. I told her that they symbolized her cries for help and the cries being heard. The coyote is posed in a howling-at-the-moon stance. They are traditional Native American symbols. The coyote teaches us to have a balance between utilizing our wisdom and seeing the humor in things. Humor actually can contain great wisdom. I was struck by the irony of this powerfully kind spirit who I told the woman was not to be feared, and the woman’s frantic need to move out of the house. Spirits in other realms can quite comfortably “reside” in the same space as physical bodies housing our spirits. We’re all spirit, in the greatest sense. It’s possible for us to empathize from realm to realm, but if one chooses to fear, that must be respected. I was starting to realize that this spirit wanted me to heartily agree with the woman – that YES – it was time for her to move and the spirit in her house was good with that decision – the sooner the better.

A Power Magic Rush

Signs from Native American HistoryAs we are in the moment of cooperating with spirit guides, we may not yet understand what is happening or why. The RUSH of pure power is unmatched and unforgettable. It is real power. It seeks to harm no one. It reaches for the highest good for all. It loves all. To bless someone to their highest good may sometimes be to somehow assist in getting them the hell out of your life. You are not pushing or battling with them to leave. You are agreeing with everything in the Universe that says “It’s time to go.” When I later thought of all the horrors visited upon Native American people and how they were displaced from their homes, it was a type of poetic justice to help this spirit get the woman out of her space. The spirit did not hesitate to punctuate this fact. What you feel are signs, you may wish would be proven to others in irrefutable ways. My husband, for one, always wants many forms of proof before believing anything. Before this desperate journey, I didn’t feel he thoroughly trusted in my accounts of working with spirit. If we had not gone through this experience, he may never have been totally convinced. I didn’t know how I would explain to him about my day with his business partner, but I trusted that help would come for that too. I am forever grateful to this loving and fierce spirit who chose to help me and my family at what seemed to be a desperate time for us. I am also extremely thankful that she chose to prove her point so irrefutably with tangible physical evidence. In part five of the Power Magic series I will tell you what she did and show you how spirits often work through electricity.

Follow Your Signs

Power Magic ReadingsWhen you are working for love, this power moves through you in a feeling of exuberance. For those who are trying to deceitfully use someone or have other such harmful motives, this same power can be terrifying as it comes to teach them the meaning of what they have done. Power magic always has the goal to harm none. Sometimes it can look scary to those who are attempting to perpetrate pain on others, but even if one is acting with a seared conscience, real power is for the good of all. The highest good is that all learn cooperation and that love is the only real solution. Some don’t learn this so easily. For them, Karma can be quite uncomfortable, but this too is meant to teach and bring about the highest good for all. It is up to each individual to learn – or not. We all get to choose. I encourage you to feel your power as you follow your signs.


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