Power Magic is your spirit heart. It keeps your soul feeling alive. It is your fiercest friend. It keeps your dreams pumping through your spirit veins and it beats in time to your grandest goals. Like your physical heart, it cannot do its job with utmost efficiency if it is constantly bombarded by harmful substances. What is most harmful to your spirit heart? What collapses your hope like a house of cards? In this Power Magic series I will discuss the things that tear at your spirit heart’s power and the things that build it up. We will walk the path together of combining magic and reality. I will share real-life experiences and I welcome your input.

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Many have questioned me about outside bombardments such as other’s opinions clashing with theirs or receiving harsh treatment. Rituals and spells to protect ourselves from outside negative energies can be helpful for many significant reasons, not the least of which is healing through doing. Going through the motions themselves can be very healing, especially when we tune into the rich history of performing the same types of magical spells and rituals as that of our ancestral sisters and brothers. I love my white sage as much as anyone. Yet I have found a lingering feeling of not wishing to emerge back into the “real world” after being blissfully occupied in a dream-like trance of magical doings.

How Can We Be Magical Beings in “The Real World”

Confidence in our own belief is vital. Nearly every religion follows rituals of some sort. Long ago many patriarchal religions were begun by incorporating goddess-based rituals to make their meetings more attractive to newly converted pagans. The conversion process was not necessarily voluntary. It wasn’t satisfying for these new religions to share. The patriarchal religions wanted full-control, not realizing that no one can truly have that. The best magic comes from cooperation, not force. Lies were spread to wipe out what they saw as their competition. When you think about this, it is easy to wonder who is following whom? Just as when land is stolen and the original inhabitants are wiped out or exiled, the new “landowners” appear to have the lion’s share of the power, but they have cursed themselves. The Karma of that does not disappear. Lies are lies no matter how many times they are told or how many are convinced. In the eternal sense, lies will not hold up. Some of these lies are embedded so deeply in our subconscious that it is challenging to let them all go and simply believe in our power. As we learn to use our magic, we learn to believe it is real. This launches us into the realm of physical reality. Our doing becomes being. We begin to internalize that magic IS the deeper reality.

How can we keep the radiant feelings of ritual as we move back into daily life? Like our physical hearts, our spirit hearts are consistently beating in the background, telling us that we are more than these bodies and more than our daily physical reality. Yet if we jump from magical ritual back to “real life,” treating them consciously or subconsciously as two separate things,  there can be a terrible let-down. It makes outside ugly energies pale in comparison to the damage we do to ourselves. The most caustic energies are what we ourselves believe or don’t allow ourselves to believe. How do we change those counter-productive beliefs often buried deeply in our subconscious? Practice. Practice is huge.

The Secret to Our True Power

Inside your Power Magic (your spirit heart’s center-most core) is a voice. Training and taming this voice is a major key to watching your magick manifest in such a way that your physical world begins to meld together with the intentions you’ve set in your ritual life. Until this happens, you may feel that you are living two separate lives. This can cause emotional pain and stress. But you ARE magickal! Why does it often seem that nothing is happening?

In my own experience, coming from a strict religious background of shaming energy, I have had to overcome many “curses” of my upbringing. I took a good long time (well, not so good actually) nursing my wounds and feeling sorry for myself. It is quite easy to fall back into this at any given moment. We must have tools that shield us from reacting in non-magical ways to every-day situations. Otherwise, what’s the point? Power Magic doesn’t get rattled when others treat us unfairly. We may react this way initially, but we can learn to find that calm powerful core that says, “This isn’t worth wasting my magical time over.”

Harsh Reality as a Catalyst

Last year I found myself in a predicament that certainly felt like a curse from the outside. My family was on the brink of losing everything we had worked for and built for 25+ years. A woman came into our lives disguised as a high-powered business partner. She produced proof of her credibility by showing off famous people she worked with and by “hiring” my husband for a very lucrative job. The problem? I never felt that things were as she tried to make them appear. Something felt very wrong from the beginning. She began to use my husband’s skills and time more and more, while the promised money was not delivered. There were expensive gifts here and there to keep our belief in the promised outcome. It was such a vast sum that one wouldn’t want to call the woman a liar and give up all hope of the deal actually panning out. The feeling can be compared to being duped into pulling a cart while the driver dangles a carrot in front of you. And what a carrot this was! You are forever reaching for the carrot, while never quite getting to sink your teeth into it.

My well-worn reaction to what I saw as a probable scam was to stomp and yell and “warn” about her. This was coupled with bouts of horrific waves of fear that she would destroy our lives. It was imperative that I see this situation from a whole different perspective than that of what I thought I could physically DO about it. I needed to remember that I was a magical being who did NOT need to approach things in a non-magical way, even if things appeared to be desperate.

When things get “real,” this is the best time to approach them in a magical way. Otherwise, what is the point? Yes. A pattern is forming. If we are going to realize our Power Magic potential, we have to put our power where our mouth is. When we feel most powerless, this is when we must acknowledge the limitless power inside.

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Be Real My Magic Heart

We were dwindling our reserves to the point of financial disaster and if the woman’s promises didn’t materialize soon, we stood to lose our home. I was nearly as worried about losing my mind! It felt to me that there was no job at all, regardless of the real work my husband was doing. It felt to me that we were being strung along mercilessly by a very troubled soul. It was then, in the midst of this insanity, that I began to feel the pull of a protective, calm and determined spirit – a powerful outside force that was communicating with me. Yes. I had summoned her big-time. I had called out for help. This is part of the Power Magic journey. Understand that you have limitless loving resources in other realms. But the protective being, who felt like a grandmother spirit to me, was not working things out the way I (at the time) wanted her to. Still, just the fact that she was there and that I could feel her helping was a great comfort to me. There was nothing more powerful that I could do than to fully bring my magic into my real life. I will not say that it was easy to trust or that I never got frustrated. This is often part of the process. I can tell you that I followed a miraculous winding path that finally led me and my family out of those dark and scary woods. It was accomplished by listening and believing in a way that had never before been tested in me, but it brought a whole new level of confidence. It is my intention to share this with you and help you build confidence in your Power Magic that can never be shaken, worn down or clogged.

Combining Reality and Magic

Some are well-practiced in this. They understand the interweaving of spirit and physical realms and how we help each other. But perhaps if you have not been in a desperate situation when you had to fully depend on your magick, there still seems to be a chasm between your magical life and your real world life. I most frequently hear from people who are not seeing real results and wish to know how to accomplish this. Though the way things work can be different for each individual, there are basic principles that work for all.

In this Power Magic series, I hope to help you with this interweaving process, so that your magical world manifests real results. I will take you through my experiences and show and tell you what I’ve learned through what happened and continues to happen to me. I will help you utilize your Power Magic at its core level. So much depends on what we believe rather than what we see. It definitely does not depend on what others tell you to believe.

Get ready for everything your heart truly wants and more. Get used to letting go of the perceived need to know how it will all work out. Magic is not about control. At its best, it is about letting go and letting go HARD. Enjoy the ride! Blessed be.

May the Reality of Your Magic Change Your Life!

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