The Best Part of the Story

Congratulations! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog entries about how to recognize, communicate and work with spirits, I hope you enjoyed the meal, because THIS one is the dessert. The 5-part series begins with Power Magic. The language of spirit is the language of your heart. Your mind may not understand, but your heart always does. It is often necessary for you to open your mind to listen to what your heart is telling you. This can take years of practice, and it can also happen in an instant of beautiful clarity.

In the three previous blog entries I told you the parts of the story leading up to this conclusion, in which my family was on the edge of disaster. My husband had been duped into a job that was there one day, gone the next, and promised payment was never made. A second contract was offered to keep him hanging on, this one even bigger than the first. It was all a ploy to keep him tied to a woman who never had any intention of paying him or giving him a real job, except to take care of her at all hours. There were so many half-truths and gifts along the way that made it plausible to him that there was good reason for delay of payment, but as months went by and we got closer to losing much of what we’d worked for throughout our 25+ years together, I heard from a grandmotherly spirit that I had to take urgent action or things would get ugly fast. Things did get ugly, before they got beautiful, but I understand now that it was all in spirit’s plan.

Sacred spirits messages

Have you ever been in a situation that seemed utterly hopeless? I think it’s fair to say that we have all been there in one way or the other. Sometimes we create the drama, sometimes circumstances seem to spin completely out of our control and there is nothing to do but keep a firm grip on our faith. Some religions will tell you that you must cling to faith and wait on a rescuer. Others tell you that your participation and your power is an intricately woven part of this stuff called “faith.” Faith in ourselves says that we are spirit and that the magic that is God, Goddess, The Universe or whatever your heart calls spirit, is also the magic inside of us.

Numbers By Heart

With this in the forefront of my mind, I gathered my faith into a “Power Magic” teamwork mentality and tuned in powerfully to my teammate. Could I see her? No, but I could hear her with my heart. She prompted me to meet with the woman who was claiming to be my husband’s business partner. The woman had alluded to meeting with me for energy work, but as with everything else, she never quite got around to it. So I put my hand in the hand of the powerful grandmother spirit, and made an appointment to meet with my husband’s “business partner” without his knowledge. If he’d asked me, I would have told him I was going to her house, but he didn’t ask as to who the client was that I was meeting with on the morning I prepared to see her. It was all guided by the ingenious grandmother spirit.

When I see numbers that give me a glowing feeling in my heart, they tend to be multiples of 11, such as 22, 33, 44, 77, or repeated numbers. These have become “Angel/Spirit Numbers” to me. 1111, 111, 222, 333, 444 all have their special meanings for me. They jump out at me like sparkly stars in the sky. They look different. 777, 888, 999, yes, and 666 doesn’t have an evil connotation either. That’s a beautiful Earth number. Man, movies and scary fairy tales have put meanings to things that are not really there. This is much like the myth that spirits are here to control (possess) us or we must learn to control them. Respect every spirit, just like you would a person, for we are all spirit in essence. I have not encountered “evil spirits” other than in people. Those in other realms have been more than kind and very protective of me. That is not to say that there are no reckless spirits out there, but it is up to you to set strong boundaries. The strongest boundaries are formed by focusing on loving spirits and BEing one yourself. This is a magnet for loving spirits to surround, embrace and care for you.Salt Crystal lamp

As in the blog entry just before this one (Signs from Spirit) let’s go into the woman’s home again, where I had guided her through a Chakra clearing while she told me of a woman’s spirit in her house that had been built on a Native American grave site. Bones from 3 bodies had been found at the construction site, she said, and the construction company had not respectfully honored the remains, according to her. She said she had not had peace in the house and she was afraid of the spirit there. She had seen the spirit woman on more than one occasion, and heard noises in the night that spooked her. I agreed with her that it was time for her to move. I could feel that the woman’s spirit wanted this very much as well.

Strong Boundaries

With all of the things we’d been told by this woman up to this time, I considered that my husband might easily think this was just another story to detract us from not being paid as promised. Yet I felt the spirit in her house, and this spirit was familiar as the one who had been calling to me for months, telling me that I needed to work with her to heal this very unhealthy situation. You’ve heard of people clearing homes of restless or “evil” spirits. This was a powerfully loving spirit asking for my help to get this less-than-honest woman out of a house. Spirit doesn’t need a house to live in, so I know she wasn’t trapped in the house, and if for sadness the spirit grandmother was tied to the house for some reason, I was also sending love and energy to her to let her know she didn’t need to stay there. Her children were pure spirit. They could go anywhere with her. So I felt she was in the house to help heal the whole ridiculous situation that my family and I found ourselves in. Spirits will assist us. They love to do this when we are respectful and loving of them. We also have power to assist them. Sometimes giving respect is what they want the most. It is not because they need it, but because we NEED to give it. Spirits teach us how to respect humans of every shade of skin, religious belief and ethnic background.

As I left the woman’s home she said she felt better than she had in months – for one who constantly showed signs of deep anxiety, that was no small feat. I work with people to help them use their power. I create no dependency on me. I’ve told people at the beginning of our work together that it is all about their power, not mine, although I know I can offer powerful assistance. The most powerful assistance is to empower those you are helping to heal. Teaching one to heal oneself is the greatest act of healing. This is the goal in every masterful healer’s heart.

When I asked the woman about the money owed to my husband she said that at this point it was supposedly in a safe that had been moved yet again. Another stall. I hadn’t asked for payment for my energy work. I was there for a different reason, and felt she may not make the appointment with me if I asked for payment. I was looking for the ultimate payment – her out of our lives! She did give me a token of her appreciation, a Jambox bluetooth to use with my phone. It was the twin of the one she owned. She loved 2-for-1 deals, she told me. This would prove to be quite symbolic in the way the Native American spirit contributed her astounding part to this “home clearing” ritual that was in full swing as I drove home that day.

Spirit wishes to help with all her heart

Spirit Text

I told my husband about meeting with her. He was shocked that she had made and kept an appointment. I told him about the spirit and the story that the woman had told me about the 3 skeletons found on the property while construction was going on for the home she now lived in. She hadn’t mentioned any of this to him. He kept his phone by the bed in case the woman had an urgent need, and it wasn’t entirely unusual for him to get a call or text in the middle of the night from her. Not your normal business partner arrangement, right?

On that night, or rather very early the next morning my husband got the most unusual text of his life. It was in Arapaho, which neither he nor the business partner has any knowledge of. It was at 2:22 on the morning of February 19, 2015.

Message from Grandmother Spirit

My husband was startled awake out of a deep sleep. The spirit had sent a text in her past life language. His response to the woman, not understanding the text message, was “What is that?” The business partner called my husband and frantically exclaimed, “SHE TOOK MY PHONE!” She had heard rapid clicks coming from her bluetooth Jambox (the twin of the one she gave to me for my energy work the day before). She said that she was awakened by the sound of the clicks and ran down the stairs to find her phone glowing on the kitchen floor, close to where I had been standing the morning before when she first told me about the spirit she had seen in her house. The woman was understandably very rattled from this experience. In fact, she was petrified with fright. She drove to her mother’s house that night, from what we were told, and never slept in that house again. We also learned that the spirit texting had burned out her phone, so that it had to have extensive repairs.

As best we could translate, the Arapaho language message in English means, “I have arrived at home. There is/was death here of my child and infant. I am always sad. I am spirit. I am awake (waking up).”

I wanted so much to comfort this beautiful grandmother spirit. I sent her so much love, and felt at first that I needed to investigate who she was and who her family had been in her Native American life. The irony was not lost on me, that she and her children, (feels to be a daughter and baby with her) lost their home and were killed, yet she for some reason decided to help me and my family be free of a woman who was lying to us and in more ways than one, seeking to destroy our home. I did research ancestral history to some extent, and found that the business partner’s family had been responsible for terrible treatment of Native American people in the not-so-distant past. My husband and children are part Native American as well.

I still feel this beautiful grandmother spirit with me, yet she does not seem so sad now. I have in the past, worked with sad spirits that seemed to need to find their way. Some might called these earthbound spirits. I don’t put labels on spirits very easily. They are so much more than we understand, yet in the times our worlds have overlapped or entwined for certain things to be accomplished, the spirits have been nothing but loving. I feel this grandmother spirit and I may have more to do together. The number 222 most certainly has stayed in my life in a big way. More huge hints have unfolded as to the connections to my family as our journey continues.

We are most grateful that the would-be business partner is out of our lives. My husband got a wonderful job, and we are still in our home. I do know that things do not always work out this neat and tidy, and by no means do I feel that my life is perfect, but that is not the point I wish to make here.

Spirit is Real

The point is that spirit is real. You are spirit, and those in other realms may well have been your brothers, sisters, or parents in another life. Spirit families stay connected, and you can call on them for help at any time. You may not always get a text in another language to prove to you that they are with you, but there are reassuring signs all around you. Be open.physical tools of magickal practice

Listen for songs that touch your heart, reminding you of a loved one that has passed. Breathe in and think of a dear one, and breathe out into the air your desire to receive love from them. This sometimes comes to you as the scent of their favorite perfume or cologne that they wore in their familiar-to-you earthly existence. Hold out your heart and hands and sincerely send them love too. Receive with your left hand open. Send love to them through your right. If you only have one hand, think about receiving, and then think about sending. You don’t actually need ANY HANDS to do this. Do you begin to understand? This is all a matter of our spirit. We use physical rituals and “rules” to remind us. But the tools and rules are not the most important part.

The more experiences you have, grand or small, the more you come to understand their heart language, and the next time things look bleak in your life, do your best to ask to understand what you need to learn from your present situation while at the same time trusting that things are being worked out for you in other realms. With your patience and power magic cooperation, these sometimes baffling experiences will bring you more wondrous gifts than you ever hoped for. You will learn the heart language of spirit!

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