Is It YOUR Turn?

Is It YOUR Turn?

Our World Changers, Light Workers, Earth Angels and deep thinkers carry such a vast sadness around. Part of it is their depth of contemplating how to reawaken themselves and others to our eternal knowing. They feel that if only the spirits on Earth would be kind to each other, honest with themselves and others, and remember the universe of love within, that everything would re-set to paradise. Whose turn is it? Who’s got the dice? Let’s finish the game, shall we? ~Healing Silence

Watching Jumanji again recently after having seen it many times over the years, it suddenly seemed to be a wonderfully philosophical statement about the purpose of life on Earth. What if this is all a colossal game that when finished will reset and we will all be back where we began – in an eternal paradise? Maybe we’re here to learn how to help each other through this sometimes maddening “game.”

When an amazingly influential spirit leaves our physical world we are shaken. We realize the huge hole they have left in our hearts and lives. Everything they ever said or did becomes 100 times MORE important.

I really miss knowing that Robin Williams is walking around on Earth somewhere. It was comforting, ya know?

Heaven & Robin Suspender Fever

He was the he’s-always-going-to-be-there type of fixture in my life, and even though I never met him, I always wanted to. My first real job was working as Promotions Manager at The Ice House Comedy Club where he was a god-like hero! Pictures of him up and down the halls always made me smile, no matter how difficult my day was.

Robin started out in the L.A. comedy clubs. I had LOVED him as Mork from Mork & Mindy. I watched the show, imitated the crazy gags he created, and like many, lost my troubles in his magic.  He’s been a magical part of our lives and his influence and magic will go on forever.


Millions loved him and millions mourn him. I was often so busy with my own depression (profoundly grateful that his work could let me escape my own pain) that I wasn’t aware of the depths of his pain. His life proves that one can “be of service” to millions and still be very lost on the inside. Healing the world with laughter is a huge job. No one else will ever do it his way – not even close.

To all of the JOY-bringers out there, he does remind you to care for yourselves too. You don’t have to save the world 24/7. Take care of you. We need you!

My absolute favorite movies are the character-study type that seemed to come so naturally to Robin. He wasn’t the stereotypical action hero, romantic leading man, or Superhero and yet his performances touched us more deeply than we even realized. It hits you in the face like a hot frying pan when someone like this leaves the world, because there isn’t someone like this. There was only him.

What a gift. What great messages.

There is a lot to learn about life in many of his movies. Go back though them. It is healing and eye-opening to realize, as Doreen Virtue’s little gem of a book “Earth Angels” refers to, he was an Earth Angel, magical being, here to illuminate the world! (page 58 -59)

I feel such empathy for his struggles, and still I also feel that he left us so many of the answers he was seeking. It is a paradox.

Thank you for staying as long as you did, dear Robin. I’m going to stay tuned in to your magical spirit. You are still teaching us so much. Thank you for this too.

"Soar in Peace" Your Spirit is Free

“Soar in Peace”




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