Heal Your World for Children.  Just an Impossible Dream?

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History is a cruel reminder that  violence has been, is and will be. It seems to be never-ending. 132 children massacred in Peshawar yesterday? It’s unfathomable – too heartbreaking to comprehend. I don’t blame those who tell me that they have no hope anymore.

But is it our hope to fix this world, to end violence, to stop injustice, to eradicate mental illness that leads to acts of terror and to erase all weapons of mass destruction? None of the weapons came into being without someone deciding to create them. It was an inside job. If in defending ourselves we perpetuate violence, how is this helping?

There seems to be rampant evil that pushes the kindness and goodness in this world further and further back as we attempt to take baby steps forward to heal and bless and love. Brutalities like the school attack in Peshawar again shock us into the realization that we can’t save everyone. The violence is numbing.

What Can We Learn From Peshawar and Other Unfathomable Injustices in the World?

Love is quiet and steady and often overlooked. When someone does something loving, saves lives, reaches out, it is rarely reported. It isn’t a “news-maker.” Sometimes I think the world is so intent on death-focus that it is a vicious cycle. Would the murderers still murder if they got less attention, less headlines? Many would, but would it be LESS? In the wake of such horror I only  know that I am both deeply saddened and enraged. The loving people in the world cannot help but feel “righteous indignation.”

innocent lives

We must mourn with those who suffer indescribable pain. I want to do that. I feel their sorrow. We want to comfort them and pay tribute to those who have perished from this physical realm. If we don’t know what they’ve suffered, how can we help them? But do we need the bloody pictures forced into our faces in order to have empathy? Is the way these heinous crimes against humanity are reported desensitizing us? Is it giving a platform to the evil that we wish to end?

The world can seem like a massive bloody stage of destruction. As long as there are children still alive, we must care for them as best we can.

I know that the mothers and fathers who have lost their children had no plans for this as they held their newborn babies in their arms.

Why do people die?

Why do people have even the slightest desire to kill? I don’t understand. Most people don’t understand. I don’t believe that the killers even know what madness has possessed them.

I’ve given my heart and many months to working on a book for children. They wrote the wisdom. They said “I want to stop bullying.” I cry for their innocent hearts. Bullying madness makes mass murder. Children want to stop it before it ever goes that far. But we can’t stop it all. I often feel very powerless, as if I can’t stop anything bad from happening. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe it isn’t about trying to understand the evil, but rather about pushing full force ahead to create good. That’s all we can do. And when those creating good are cut down on this world stage of physical experience, we still listen to them from their eternal realm.

We've had enough

Sometimes it feels as if they are just on the other side of the door. They are right there beyond the walls we see. They are listening. They know we will meet. No one escapes physical death. We must be here for good reason. I’m going to learn whatever I can from this stuff called life and I’m going to create whatever I can to send love into this world, but I know this world is not the one to be saved. We are evolving out of it. We don’t reside here forever. Absorb all you can – the love – the lessons – celebrate the fact that you can LOVE, that your heart is capable of it, and breathe LOVE into the world knowing that you are creating a new world. We must.

I Do Not Understand

I do not understand why people die

I do not understand how to be happy when there are so many pressures in life

I do not understand how people can get so angry

That they take children’s lives away from them

I DO understand that it brings happy feelings to people

When they are loving and kind


Chandler's I do not understand

Pages from Heal Your World for Children

The more suffering we see in this world, the more we know that we cannot fix it. We cannot change a person who is raging and blind and bent on killing. The only world we can heal is inside ourselves. It’s like a star shining or a fire giving warmth. It’s quiet power. This we can do. This we can understand if we listen to the deepest voice within.


What Have The Great Masters of LOVE Always Taught?

I was searching for pictures of children paying tribute to the children brutally killed in Peshawar. I found these.

tribute to children




I searched down the Google page of images and suddenly I was stunned at what I saw. One of these images was not like the others. One did not fit at all. And yet he does. How incredible that he is here in the midst of this. But of course he is.

Michael Jackson in the midst

You can see at the top (in the search column of the screen cap) that my search had nothing to do with Michael Jackson. This is a screen cap, unaltered.

Michael was an Earth Angel as many understand, and many do not.

This  is about what Michael taught. It’s about what the great spiritual leaders have always taught. We can make HUGE changes while the physical world remains wracked with violence and pain. The WORLD we have power to heal is the world within. It’s the only one we can change. Changing the world within moves us to action. It does make a difference. We’re building a NEW world.

As Long as There are Children Remaining, We Have Work to Do

We are all children of this world, but more importantly we are the children of eternity. We are volunteers to these temporary lives. We shine our eternal star-baby LIGHTS for all to see. They may not see us, but they appreciate the light. Maybe no one notices our faces, but they notice if the light goes out and the loving work ceases.

Let’s take up the banner of those whose lights are shining just beyond that door. You can feel their power. You can still feel their warmth. Their energy cannot be extinguished.

Thank you for shining your light! If there is one good reason to keep going – keep healing the world the best way you know how – it is because they are watching.

They are cheering us on. They, those in our true home of eternal bliss – they DO CARE. And they have the final word – as will we when we are reunited and our work here is done. This world is just a speck in the infinite cosmos. The infinite cosmos is just a speck in the eternity of your spirit.

You are the world.

ferguson-mike-brown history sign

Start within, to create your history from this point on. As long as there are lives, we go forth in love. What other choice do world healers have?



I Do Not Understand by Chandler Burkes, Copyright 2013

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