Artwork by Josephine Wall

Artwork by Josephine Wall

What Does “Channeling Me” Have to Do With Improving the World?

Why do we long to hear from spirit? What is it about channeling others that helps us to feel important or that the words emanating from our souls are more profound when we channel another’s voice? From where does the desire to channel come?

Is not our own heart enough of an authority to be heard for its own beauty?

One day when you pass into pure spirit or your next lifetime, others may then deem your heart’s truth as “channelable,” and wish to share your wisdom, your experiences, your love with others. Must your beauty wait until someone else proclaims it worthy to be heard?

To some, hearing voices comes under the category of “crazy.” If you reveal that spirits, angels, loved ones who’ve passed, and great masters of old speak to you, most will think you are delusional at best, a charlatan misleading others with deliberate lies, at worst.

I’ve heard what I’ve heard. I’ve written what I’ve written. I stand by it. And yet, from these rich experiences of giving voice to spirit teachers as they come through my senses, soul and heart, I have learned a deeper truth. Their loudest message has steadily been distilled into what is possibly the most feared challenge of all: Speak your own heart.

Speak from your own core. Lay aside the perceived need to continuously tell another’s story. The deepest message is: Be you. There is no other you to give to this world. There is no other you to speak directly for you. There is no other voice exactly like yours, heart exactly like yours, or perspective exactly like yours.

We Would Not Dream of Teaching Children That They Must Do Everything in the Name of Another…

…would we? We see the vital importance of teaching them to think and speak for themselves, don’t we? We teach them to share their unique perspective, and that it is of utmost value. I hope we do. Yet we teach them more by example than by our words. If we tell them to be original and true to their own hearts, and yet we have not found our own voice, they will see what we do and our words will not make sense to them.

children-like-flowersChildren have no need to hide behind a famous name or adopt another’s viewpoint. If we demand this of them, their spirits rise up and declare their independence. Some think that this cues parental intervention, rather than an opportunity to honor the child’s internal guidance system. The saddest outcome of all is to “break a child’s spirit,” creating a broken spirit that may or may not learn to rise again in her lifetime. This broken child may learn to overcome the damage of being repeatedly told to be “seen and not heard.” This broken child may surprise us, and become a resonating voice championing the cause of other “broken” children. But why give any child this handicap to overcome?

Let Them Have the Spotlight * You Are a Love Light

Why reinforce your brokenness to others and to yourself by kneeling at the altar of another, always looking outside of yourself to find salvation? The unwise will tell you to stay humble (while they continue to claw for the spotlight). Let them have their spotlight. The only spotlight that truly matters is the inner glow emanating from your own heart. To find this, to feel your godspark and bask in its warmth, is to be free from craving an external spotlight. You are a glowing, pulsating force of light that shines the way for love to follow. 

I use the term “channeling me,” because it requires listening to myself, really tuning in and hearing my heart, in order to speak my truth. In meditation we may let go of fears, tune in to the flow of spirit messages and resonate with those who harmonize with our hearts. Remember to listen to your own voice in the cosmic mix.

To latch on to other’s viewpoints rather than ever voicing or listening to your own, can close off your world, slowly creating a myopia of the soul. We’ve heard of the great hunger we all possess, to sing our own song, to dance to our own beat. Your one-of-a-kind vision is of great importance. If you bury it under quotes of famous people, how can you change the world? They’ve said what they’ve said. They’ve done what they’ve done. You are here to do what YOU wanna do! Be inspired by “the greats,” while cultivating your own greatness.

Before the world can enjoy you, you must enjoy you.

Your feelings, your heart, your opinions, someone may have told you at a very young age, are simply NOT IMPORTANT. You may have spent much of your life up to now, repeating this to yourself time after time.

So you gravitate to exclusively quoting and following others, believing their feelings, hearts and opinions to be genuinely important and worthy of repetition.

Those people are having or have had their opportunity to be! It is beautiful to find inspiration from others’ lives, experiences and philosophies. This can be a powerful catalyst to help send us into the stratosphere of self-discovery! Yet to be a continuous mouthpiece for another, to never come out from behind the curtain and BE YOU, is to live a half-life at best. The beloved hero would surely be horrified to be part of this implosion of individuality. Why only be a person by proxy?

Why is it sometimes so hard for us to just be? Why is the veil of another’s voice, perspective, or fame, so much more comfortable to cloak ourselves in, so that stepping into the sunlight and feeling its warmth fully on our own faces seems like a scary thing?

We Fear Rejection

If we speak with another’s voice, it is the other’s opinions, thoughts, and philosophies which are on display to be either respected or rejected. But this can easily sour. Others may not see the “channeled one” in the same way that you do. They may attack you for representing their hero’s opinions, thoughts, and philosophies differently than they imagine that they should be represented.

The one quoted becomes an extension of individual egos and in a sense becomes many different people born from many different imaginings of who and what that person actually was. This phenomenon is most common after a person’s passing from this world.

Sunflower Jasmine Glow

Each Individual Puts a Different Twist or Angle on Their Version of the Venerated One

There are hundreds, thousands, millions of versions of the much-quoted “master.” These versions are given life in the imagination of millions of minds. Some of the versions of the hero begin to attack the other versions, or rather the individuals attack each other “in the name” of their version of the worshiped one.

It becomes complicated, tiring and tedious.

Wars are started in the name of these grotesque imagined versions of our “god.”

Insanity reigns.

The pattern has played itself out over and over throughout human history. Some label it “religion.”

How do we stop the insanity?

Take the first step.

Breathe… hear your breath. Feel your breath. Breathe out as you. Breathe in as you.

Value your own voice.

Listen to your own heart.


I am listening.

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