by Heaven Leigh


If we say we are sisters

Is it only a word?

We are from the same mother

It is her call we’ve heard

We are from the same father

A heart so sublime

For dear Earth is our mother

And our father, dear Time


Mother cries, “Rise Above!”

You are LOVE you are POWER

Father sings to remind:

“Wisely give of your hours.”

Build your own castle

Dance ‘round and ‘round

You’ve NO TIME

For those who seek to tear down

Heavenly lights

Illuminate vistas

Giving you hope

Hear me now, Earth’s fair Sistahs!


If we claim to be sisters

Let the LIGHT of this shine

Let our gifts

From Earth glowing

Warm dear hearts in the rhyme

Let our father be blessed

In whose ocean we swim

Let us dance in the waters

Follow starlight to him


Do we name ourselves “sisters”

And then claw to be heard?

Do we knock down another

With a cruel careless word?

As we learn

As we grow

Treating sisters with care

Our brother, Saint Michael

Being ever aware


If our love for our teacher

Is authentically pure

Shimmering HOPE

Guides our path

And our footing is sure

We look not to another

Trying to hold her back

Lest our foot slip and stumble

Taking us from the path


There is no desperation

To claim the grandest prize

For we share in this journey

No more tears

No more lies

For we know we are sisters

In a family as one

Hearts glowing with moonlight

Our love heals like the sun


So true, we are sisters

Not the first to the line

But the one helping others

Will impress Father Time

Mother Earth shines and smiles

At our harvest of L.O.V.E.

Sistah stars happily twinkle

In the moonlight above


Rise up- Starlight Sisters!

Take your place in the sky

Run with Sirius

Laugh with brothers

Of the wild silent eyes

Feed the world’s hungry children

Not just food

But with truth

Glow with LOVE’S  PURE intentions

That will bring endless youth


Let your eyes be not weary

Let your heart be not blind

Mother Earth lives to guide you

Make so proud Father Time

In your own heart – the answer

None but LOVE sees it all

For the wisest of sisters

Values great with the small


The WISDOM of Sister

Knows her power exists

In the kindness of ages

In a tear, softly kissed

For she comforts in sorrow

And rejoices in tasks

Her love and her beauty

Are never merely masks


All who find her find wisdom

All who seek her are blessed

For she strengthens her world

Giving only the best

Lifting up with encouragement

Giving gifts to inspire

Sister Earth moves the mountains

Sister Time lights the FIRE

Copyright January 21, 2014 © Heaven Leigh


Power of Sisters fire

Photo by Patty Falcon Bishop

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