As a Child…

…I was both terrified and fascinated by the concept of spirits. Religion, movies and books make a lot of money playing into our fears. We have all seen the scary movie trailers. They seem endless. Something in us is pulled toward the spirit world while at the same time being repelled by the unsettling images and portrayals of those in other realms. And yet it is all a matter of perspective. The curious, the bold may jump right in. Our background and beliefs will always affect how deep we let ourselves go and if we gravitate toward negative or positive energies. As one beginning in fear and evolving throughout my lifetime to a deep respect and love for spirit relationships, it is only through understanding myself as a spirit that this meaningful communication is possible. physical tools of magickal practiceTeaching how to work with spirit is not as straight forward as teaching how to work with crystals, spells or tarot cards. But there are ways of communicating that are universal. The biggest open door to their world is your open heart. The ability to listen with your heart is the only tool you really need. Working with other tools, such as crystals, candles, cards, wands and words are excellent reminders of our intent. In the physical world they can be very helpful. They can also provide a means of communication, as I have seen and felt spirit work through these tools.

What Feels Like Home?

The one time I seriously tried to work with a Ouija board it felt as if I was an airplane pilot trying to go back to pedaling a tricycle. That doesn’t mean any one tool is more or less advanced than another, but it just felt like I was putting something in between myself and spirit friends that I was already close to. I had already been listening to their clear chosen ways of communication. This tool didn’t seem useful to me, possibly because of the stigma I’d attached to it (teenage parties and pranks), but there seemed to be another reason. My spirit friends seemed to be saying, “silly girl, what are you doing trying to get one letter at a time when we already speak to you in paragraphs?” ouija board

I have certain Oracle Card decks that I’ve gotten that seem to be “not my thing.” Just like anything else in life, we are individually attracted to certain things while others seem foreign to us, maybe even cold and repellent. There are reasons for this that we may not fully realize at the time, but trust how you feel. When I have found oracle cards that do sing to my heart – their messages feel like being home. You will find this too, as you are gathering your tools. Whatever you are most comfortable with is best for you. It is about energy. We are drawn to people in the same way. And though we may be extremely attracted to something or someone, the attraction can also “sour” or go stale after awhile. We have learned what we need from it and we can change or move on. This can also be true of a modality or tool. Some relationships with favorite tools or soul-aligned people will deepen and grow and grow forever. These tend to find you throughout many lifetimes. Your energy recognizes their energy and you feel at home. Gratitude for what we’ve gained allows us to continuously build upon what we’ve learned. It is a cumulative effect. Layers of wisdom are developed over time.

Sacred spirits messages

Spirits Guide Us

When I was 11 years of age my grandmother on my father’s side passed away. The church of my childhood was rife with rules of how to think of the dead. Our spirits have no respect for such rules. I had what was possibly the most powerful dream of this lifetime soon after my grandmother passed. We had been very close. In my dream we were talking. She was holding me and letting me know that all was okay. It was real. I was with her. This feeling has never left me. The imprint of the dream is on my heart forever.

The church, however, had taught that at times “demons” impersonate our loved ones in order to draw us toward the spirit world, and that all who have died have no conscious thought. They are waiting for resurrection. Their essence is called back to their creator and it is as if they are all sleeping until resurrection. (This is all kinds of wrong. They took no notice of the activity we experience during sleep)? Their teachings were far from my experiences. So many of us have heard many theories of what happens when we die. Many of these theories, stories and fables are simply guesses and fiction. Let none of this cloud your heart. Stay open. Have you ever experienced when an ascended loved one is so close to you that your emotions well up inside and you just know their spirit is embracing you at that moment? You may smell their perfume or scent. You may feel a heart-wrenching pang of missing them, tears flow, and then you have an overwhelming sensation of how much they understand you, guide you and love you without limits.

Working With Spirits

As I began working with spirits, I chose to tune in to those who felt like family. Sometimes our physical families don’t actually feel like family. My spirit family has been beyond comforting. It is so important to remember that YOU are spirit. The beauty of listening to the guidance of spirits is that they are always there, they are always honest. They only reveal the part of the picture that you are ready to see, and time does not matter in the least to them (us). Not really. They can undo things that were done ages ago. If you have the perseverance, patience and wisdom to trust them, what can be accomplished often looks like miracles. Yet the biggest thing I’ve learned from spirit guides is that we are all so much more powerful than we realize. We tend to see power as control over others. It is not. We can accomplish so much more by envisioning power as entering the flow of all that is. We don’t have to understand why it is as it is. We receive specific help and specifically what we want and need without dictating how it will come to us.

Artwork by Josephine Wall

Blessings Pour Out in Unexpected Ways (Artwork by Josephine Wall)

It’s Okay to Get Mad

Let’s continue with the personal experiences that I spoke of in “Combining Magic and Reality” when my family was on the verge of losing our home due to events that started with trusting a dishonest person. I asked for help from a loving spirit. I kept getting the same answer. What we perceived as a lack of help in acquiring payment promised was actually a firm act of protection. But there was more. I was being called through this protective spirit whose name was not given to me, (she seemed to be a powerful grandmother type) to TAKE ACTION. I did not know what the needed action could possibly be. It was like walking in a thick fog, yet I could feel her hand leading me. This is often how it feels to work with spirits. I was frequently frustrated throughout this months-long process. I now have a shorter wand to prove it! I accidentally broke off the tip of it in a moment of anger when it collided with my bedroom door. I didn’t throw it. I misjudged the length of my wand and the proximity of the door. This proves that you can get frustrated with the process and still emerge victorious.

It’s Not About Control

As the weeks went by accompanied by many promised meetings that went awry, the owed money was not paid. The work was being done, the promised money was being dangled, but it was still only a hope that hadn’t materialized. My husband had become the Charlie Brown to Lucy’s holding the football. I began to question him more about this woman, her mental state and the validity of any of her promises. I could not, nor did I want to, control my husband’s decisions or actions, but I saw more and more as time went on, that I would have to do something on my own. The opportunity presented itself at a physically uncomfortable time for me. The night after a medical procedure, I realized it was then or probably never that I was being given my moment to meet with this woman in private. I knew that she could benefit from my help, and she had hinted to my husband that she wanted my energy work. I knew that it was being arranged by my grandmotherly spirit guide and I said nothing to my husband about our appointment, only that I had a meeting to do energy work for someone. Other than my physical soreness, I felt strong the morning of the planned meeting. This woman had made so many excuses to cancel meetings with my husband that I braced myself for her to cancel our morning appointment. No cancellation came. I proceeded to her house on February 18th of last year, 2015.

Following Her Lead

Everything I took to the meeting was guided by this grandmother spirit. I took music from a Native American influenced CD that was close to my heart. The songs are a journey through Chakra aligning. My goal was to help bring the business partner woman’s energy back into balance. I brought my Chakra stones as well as favorite stones that I felt would be needed. I brought a small carved wooden set of a coyote and cactus. That was a mystery to me. What did I need that for? What did it represent? It was in keeping with the theme, but I didn’t even know what the theme was to be.

As I entered the woman’s house, I realized that her energy was bouncing off the walls and ceiling. To bring her to a calm relaxed state would be quite a challenge. No wonder my husband had found it so difficult to effectively work with her. Very soon, as we were both still standing in her entryway, she began describing a woman’s spirit that had appeared in the house on a few occasions and had badly scared her. I asked if her house was built on Native American burial grounds. It was. She told me that she had first seen the woman standing where I was standing as we spoke. She had thought that someone had walked into her house unannounced the first time the woman had appeared. I asked her if she had ever mentioned this to my husband. She had not. As she spoke I began to realize more and more what was happening and why I was there. It was more the grandmother spirit in the house that I was there to meet than it was this woman. What happened after that led to the unraveling of the woman’s deceptive hold on my family.

Spirits help in many waysI have come to learn that pure spirits are always more transparent (in more ways than one) than spirits covered in people shells. Like immersing yourself in another language, the language of spirit becomes so trusted, so familiar, that it can be challenging to talk to people with all of their hidden agendas and protective walls. I’ve found these walls to be far more impenetrable than the ones between worlds of spirit and us. In the next installment of this Power Magic series, I will share specific ways in which spirits communicate with us and what to listen and look for.


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