Faery Magic Purple throughout land


Your power is spreading, dear faerie folk

Hold dear what is real, what is lasting

Your hearts are wound round your wondrous task

In your warm light, dear creatures lie baskingBaby Squirrels asleep basket

More to do

More to do

These are the words that now beckon

You can see

You can hear

Near is the day all will reckon

For they call from the hills and the mountains

They cry from the rivers and trees

They call you to rise in your power

They call men to bow to their knees


Oh, Emperor Mouse wear your lofty crown

For who has the truth of dominion

Squirrel Queen of the wood, all shall bow down

‘Tis mere folly of human opinion

To fairies frameCome and see

Come and play

You plant the seeds of our glory

New light dawns

In  faerie hearts

You write our emboldened story


Deer mother and baby

Our thanks for believing and seeing

You hear our heart’s voices each day

To which humans often feign deafness

Your fierceness our ransom doth pay

No matter how many may fall

Our spirit heart forever sees all

Thank you dear faeries of wild ones

What you do can never be undone 

faery lights beneath classic painting





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