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“They say the sky’s the limit. For me that’s really true. My friends you have seen nothing. Just wait till I get through…”

“Mommy, what’s my limit?”

“The SKY!”

I thought I was “hearing things,” even though by this time in my magical journey with spirit, I should know this stuff is REAL. While at a department store, waiting for my daughter to try on clothes last Friday night, this phrase I have been very focused on lately came back to me in a new way. I was too tired to even look around at clothes while waiting. This would surprise the people who know how much I love looking at clothes. But the excitement of the week had left me exhausted, so I sat in the waiting area and closed my eyes for a few seconds. Sleep was what I wanted most, even though it was fun to be helping my baby girl find some new clothes for work. I smiled first, then opened my eyes when it registered what the little girl was asking of her mother. Her mother’s playful answer was music to my ears.

“No, mom, really! What’s my limit?”

“The SKY! The sky’s your limit…” her mother said with a big smile. She was having fun. It reminded me of the way my daughter and I had teased each other when she was this little girl’s age, which was probably about 7 or 8.

Heaven, Jasmine, Chandler

My Daughter, Me, My Son

The girl’s patience was wearing a bit thin at this point.

“But I MEAN it! I really want to know! What’s my limit?”

“Okay, a dollar…” her mother kept looking through clothes on the sale rack.

By this time the little girl was getting really frustrated and starting to cry, “What’s my limit? REALLY?”

Her mother explained that she could choose something she wanted and they would see.

The teasing continued as about this time the little girl was starting to smile, then she broke into the giggles. She was sitting next to me on the cushioned bench. This whole time I had been quiet, mesmerized actually. The girl asked her mom why she hadn’t just said “Choose something,” in the first place. Now I wanted to chime in, but didn’t want to appear nosey. I smiled and said that I really liked her mom’s first answer – the sky is her limit – and that I hoped she would remember that for the rest of her life. She kept laughing and followed after her mom as they continued to have their mother-daughter shopping date.

When I went into the dressing room area, my daughter was still in a room. I asked through the door if she had heard any of that. She knew exactly what I was referring to. She whispered, “I know. I heard everything.”

I went to find a few different sizes and styles for her and then came back and sat down to wait. The fun conversation with the girl and her mother had melted my exhaustion away, so I thought I’d check to see what was happening with my fundraiser on Facebook. I entered my code into my iPhone and soon saw that there was a new notification for me. Someone had put my name on a post to notify me that they were donating a gorgeous Tinkerbell print from the Thomas Kinkade Disney collection. It was framed. It was amazing! This person is a great friend, very committed to helping people, always involved in giving, but this was a huge surprise!

I got a little misty-eyed in Kohl’s department store, but didn’t want to embarrass myself. I just kept thinking, “The mother-daughter give and take sure was a magical introduction to this beautiful donation.”


Poli's Pan

So much SKY!


I was to raffle off the beautiful “Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland…”

…print to raise money for the Heal the World Miracle Project for the darling children of Uganda. These children drew pictures last year that are part of a magical book, Heal Your World for Children.


Children holding their drawings HAPPYAll of the author royalties are donated to children’s charities, and the month of January is dedicated to these talented artists who are part of the Heal the World Miracle Project. It only makes sense that Peter Pan would get in on the act. The cover artwork, donated by world renowned painter/artist David Nordahl is “The Storyteller,” a famous piece painted for Michael Jackson’s Neverland home. As Michael reads Enchanted Tales to the children, a little Tinkerbell-like pixie shines her mystical light in the sky. On the back of the book she is the focal point:

HYWFC back cover light3 12 22 14

The wonderful friend who donated the “…Fly to Neverland” print said that she was prompted by spirit, with a message that in part kept saying, “Look to the sky.” There is so much more to learn from this story. As we move ahead, more will be revealed. If anyone has ever attempted to do fundraisers – they KNOW how difficult it can be to motivate people to donate. I am SO grateful for spirit’s help! People have been beautifully generous – magically so!

In the spirit of this unexpected sweet happy miracle…

…from the “land of Never…” let’s all take a deep breath, close our eyes, smile and ask…

“What’s my limit?”

Do you hear the answer?

Who does the voice in your heart sound like – a loved one, your guardian angel, or a magical pixie, maybe? There’s only one more thing to do…


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fly to Neverland

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